Red, white and blue summer

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS—Emma Yudelevitch, a junior at Occidental College and a 2015 graduate of Calabasas High School, celebrates her big week at the just concluded 20th world Maccabiah Games in Jerusalem. Yudelevitch won a pair of silver medals in the 200-meter race and the 400-meter relay. When not competing on the track, she is in class working toward a degree […]

Unbalanced budget threatens LVUSD schools

Will teacher
pensions cut into student programs?

Grappling with its new budget at a public hearing last month, the Las Virgenes Unified School District said dwindling state revenues, flat enrollment and greater employee pension obligations will cause spending to exceed income by more than $1 million in the coming year. The lion’s share of the $114-million LVUSD budget comes from grants issued under the state’s Local Control […]

Animal tracker follows heart

Man’s trail cameras see animals like never before

Kiefo Nilsson keeps a close eye out for track marks, scat and other signs of animal activity as he walks up a narrow, rocky trail in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. “I feel there is a secret world. . . . There is this entire ecosystem happening when people are not around,” said the 32-year-old musician and outdoor […]

California lawmakers vote to extend cap-and-trade bill

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin’s (D-Camarillo) decision to attend a long-standing family engagement rather than vote on a major climate-change policy made news in the state Capitol this week. Ahead of Monday’s highstakes vote on whether to extend California’s hotly debated capand trade program (Assembly Bill 398), the sophomore legislator’s absence left Democrats short of the supermajority necessary to pass the bill […]

Jogger attacked in popular park

Nearly a week after a woman was attacked while jogging early in the morning through Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, police are still searching for her assailant. Around 6:20 a.m. July 14, the victim—described by police as a Thousand Oaks resident in her 30s—was on a mesa about one mile west of the park’s Avenida de Los Arboles entrance […]

Agoura seeks new treasurer

The City of Agoura Hills is seeking qualified candidates to apply for city treasurer. The selected candidate will replace Candis Hong, who has served as city treasurer since 2012 after retiring as assistant city manager for the City of Thousand Oaks. The city treasurer assists with the planning and organization of activities pertaining to the city treasury. The appointment includes […]

Enjoy our natural wonders, but please do so responsibly

Our readers like to get outdoors and take in all the natural beauty that the region has to offer. There are those who relish hiking and biking throughout the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains and those who love to surf and swim at our local beaches. But with the warmer summertime months, there inevitably come stories about residents who underestimate the […]

Complicit in the death of animals

Your article about Denise Rosen was a complete whitewash of the pound under her leadership. Using euphemisms like “euthanize” and “put to sleep” instead of “killing” puts The Acorn in the category of fake news purveyors like Breibart and Fox News. Rosen and her boss, Marcia Mayeda, have been overseers of the killings of millions (sic) of adoptable animals, while […]

Need good role models

The recent story about a pro- ISIS group hacking our Ventura County Office of Education computer system should increase the mindfulness of our Conejo Valuse ley leadership and community at large. As a community, and as Americans, we should be reminded that we are all playing for the same team, especially when it comes to wanting the best possible education […]

Drive-thru blues

The suggestion that Carl’s Jr.’s new addition of a 10-car drive-thru in Westlake will not have an impact on traffic at that already congested intersection is completely ridiculous and insulting to our intelligence. Westlake Village is becoming the place I moved here to get away from. Fact: More cars will cause more traffic. Carl’s Jr. customers may want to drive-thru, […]