Same old song

In the Dec. 22 edition of The Acorn, the bold headline on the front page was, “Board of Supervisors ushers in a new era.” Then we read that the supervisors’ very first act was to place a tax hike on the next ballot. Seems very much like the same old era to me. Bart ListickAgoura Hills

Diversity always appreciated

The recent edition of The Acorn gave tribute to Hanukkah, while it also ran an editorial glorifying “The Magic of the Christmas Tree.” By intent or coincidence, The Acorn underscored the strength and essence of America—it’s our diversity, not homogeneity that makes the United States a unique nation. Let us, now and forever, recognize and honor the democratic process of […]

Call of the wild

In 2016, local residents became more aware than ever about the life-and-death struggle that defines the animal kingdom. For predators such as mountain lions, the need to target big prey is normal, but when the pumas attacked precious ranch livestock such as goats and alpacas several times during the year, ranch owners grew fearful and vowed to take vengeance. Animal […]

Contraband found at rural Agoura home

Deputies arrested an Agoura man after large quantities of drugs and weapons were reportedly found in his car and home. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said Sean Mulvey, 47, had been involved with illegal narcotics sales to residents in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Deputies obtained a warrant to search his home in the 2300 block of Laguna Circle Drive […]

Name-calling on both sides

Matthew Toomey equates the enormity of calling Melania Trump a “mail-order bride” to calling a black person, specifically Barack Obama, the N-word. Hardly. The hateful term is used to demean and belittle a race of people that was enslaved by whites in this country for more than 200 years and suffered prejudice another 150 years since the end of slavery. […]

New technology could prevent holiday DUI

Picture a New Year’s Eve sometime in the future. A driver gets behind the wheel of his car after downing one too many holiday toasts. But the car won’t let him drive off. Instead, an onboard system in the vehicle detects that the driver’s blood alcohol level is above the legal limit and keeps the car from starting. Although the […]

New year brings changes in driving laws and minimum wage

Minimum wages, cellphones, firearms and ride-sharing are among the areas affected by the new state laws for 2017. The state’s lowest-paid workers will get a raise starting Jan. 1 when the minimum wage moves to $10.50 per hour, and the upward trend won’t stop there. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill earlier this year making California the first state to […]

Everything’s coming up roses for former parade queen

Calabasas beauty will again be part of Pasadena event

On Jan. 2, Barbara Hewitt Laughray Boyd will be back in a familiar place: atop a major float in the Pasadena Rose Parade. Boyd, a Calabasas resident and ordained minister, was the rose queen of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses in 1967. Next week she’ll ride with three other former rose queens on Miracle-Gro’s “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” float. Boyd […]


The Calabasas Library will offer the following activities at 200 Civic Center Way. The library will be closed Sun., Jan. 1 and 15. Pumpkin Patch Storytime will be cancelled Thurs. and Fri., Jan. 19 and 20. Tues., Jan. 3, Study Buddies will restart. Honors and AP high school students will tutor eighth-grade kids and younger on a drop-in basis on […]