Confusion at the ballot box

Whose election is it, anyway? I’m a registered independent, and I was very excited on the morning of June 7 to vote for my favorite Democratic candidate. There was just one problem: I knew more about the voting process than the people running the voting process. After my registration checked out, I requested a Democratic ballot so I could vote […]

What makes America great

American exceptionalism is the unique liberty that we Americans enjoy due to our philosophy and system of government. The Declaration of Independence states that each of us has the same natural rights, and these cannot be given or taken away by another person. Among those rights are the rights to life, liberty and property. The Constitution establishes a limited form […]

Carden school

I fully support the students of Conjeo Valley High School and our need for an alternative high school. Still, the Horizon Hills campus is not the right place for it. It would be necessary to do significant code upgrades and remodeling of the Horizon Hills campus. Then either of the two locations being considered for our community’s best preschool will […]

Property value reassessment necessary

Owners of real estate who have experienced a decline in their property values may receive a reduction in their annual property tax bills. The decline may be caused by general economic conditions affecting real estate values. If the fair market value of the property as of Jan. 1, 2016 was lower than the Proposition 13 factored base year value, the […]

Student volunteers graduate

REWARD FOR SERVICE—At a May 10 meeting of the Calabasas Environmental Commission, Calabasas High School seniors Justin Greenwald and Alexandra Barr were commended for their two-year service as student representatives on the panel. Both recently graduated and are leaving the commission.

Artistically Inclined

Young Agoura Hills artist displays exceptional talent

Agoura Hills artist Noa Villarin, 14, is developing her drawing and painting skills while discovering her own creative style. As her talent improves, the Agoura High sophomore is eager to experiment with new subjects and methods. “I am inspired more by nature and animals, but lately I’ve been inspired by the 1970s music and culture,” said Noa, whose portfolio includes […]


Last week’s article about the Calabasas fire said homes in and around the city must have a 100-foot brush clearance. The correct distance is 200 feet.

Women’s club donates to Free Clinic

The Westlake Village Junior Women’s Club presented a check for $17,500 to Susan Murphy and Teresa Seeley of the Conejo Free Clinic on June 8. These funds will go directly to support the Free Mammogram Fund, which allows local women to receive a free mammogram if they can’t afford to have one. According to Murphy, the Westlake Juniors are expected […]

Ventura County jail facilities under review

What did the Ventura County grand jury discover during its annual detention facilities inspection? Pursuant to the California Penal Code, the 2015-16 grand jury “inquired into the condition and management” of the detention facilities in Ventura County. The grand jury inspected the Pre-Trial Detention Facility (Main Jail), Todd Road Jail, East Valley Jail, all nine police/sheriff’s holding facilities and the […]