Eye On Local Area Stocks

Old Indian stands tall in Agoura Hills

Having lived in Agoura Hills for almost 50 years, I’ve seen many changes: some I like; some not so much. We all have a right to our preferences. But I’ve become aware as time goes by that Agoura—before the “Hills” was added—has a rich local history of native inhabitants, sheep herders, ranchers and movie makers. We can well imagine as […]

Admiring wild native climbing vines

On the Trail

What native plant twines sinuously, climbs vigorously and smothers its host, not in tendrils of doom but gorgeous garlands of flowers? If you guessed clematis then you, too, have had the privilege of encountering this wild vine. In the Santa Monica Mountains, two species are found: Clematis lasiantha (Virgin’s Bower) and C. ligusticifolia (Western Virgin’s Bower). There are slight differences […]

Sax great headlines wine, jazz fest

The California Jazz and Wine Festival presented by the Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise has a new home this year, the Four Seasons Hotel, and one of the great saxophone players of all time to headline the show, Tom Scott. The fifth-annual Rotary Jazz and Wine Fest will be from 1 to 5 p.m. Sun., April 17 at the […]


Agoura Chargers Fri., April 1: Last day of spring break Mon., April 4: Late start day Tues., April 5: Dance team auditions/G building/3:30 p.m. Wed., April 6: Parent education night, prom/7 p.m. Calabasas Coyotes Fri., April 1: Last day of spring break Savannah Music Festival through Mon., April 4 Sat., April 2: Cheer banquet Mon., April 4: PFC board meeting/ […]