2015-10-15 E-Edition

See the slithering show

SNAKES ALIVE!— At top, animal wrangler Karl Miller of Film Fauna International presents Angelina, a 90-pound Green Anaconda snake, at the Sept. 20 Live Reptile and Amphibian Show at the Santa Monica Mountains Visitor Center in Calabasas. At right, 5-year-olds Aurelia Reid and Madison Fishman- Edmonds of Thousand Oaks seem mesmerized.

Politics pack a big punch in Calabasas

City Council race the talk of the town

The Nov. 3 vote is approaching and in the City of Calabasas, election fever is running high. Whether it’s two candidates or 20, the city never shies away from a good old-fashioned ballot-box brawl. With three seemingly likeminded candidates running for two seats, the battle lines in the 2015 City Council race are still being drawn, but it’s clear that […]

Texas auto crash kills two local educators

Irene and Kate Edwards, mother and daughter educators from the Simi Valley and Oak Park unified school districts, died in a car accident Oct. 10 in Austin, Texas. The crash reportedly occurred when a driver of a minivan ran a red light and crashed into the passenger side of the Edwards’ car. Irene Edwards, 64, a special education aide in […]

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills A thief stole two air compressors valued at $500 each from a storage shed on Sierra Creek Road Sept. 29. Someone stole a $ 250 cellphone from the porch of a home on Oak Creek Lane Sept. 28. Calabasas A burglar stole a $2,500 tanker truck headlight assembly and 20 lug nut covers valued at $50 from the […]

Man sentenced in sex case

William Heatley, a Christian author who lives in Oak Park, was sentenced to 180 days in county jail for sexual battery and sending harmful material to a minor. The 57-year-old Heatley had initially been charged with two counts of committing lewd acts on a 15-year-old girl and one count of luring the teen to a prearranged location for the purpose […]

Excellent school district comes at a cost


Nobody likes to pay new taxes. And make no mistake. Measure E, the $98-per-year parcel tax for Las Virgenes schools is a new tax. Although voters have been paying it since 2004, the tax would have expired long ago had it not been renewed by voters. It’s going back to the ballot box on Nov. 3 seeking another extension, this […]

Political Cartoon

No beef with editorial

Bravo, Acorn, for your editorial “Where’s the beef?” If we were to support meatless Mondays, then why not support other extreme diets on the remaining days of the school week? How about glutenless Tuesdays, milkless Wednesdays, and carbless Thursdays? Seriously, you’re spot on in writing that the fundamentals of good nutrition are balance, variety and moderation—not deprivation. In addition to […]

Is it a bridge to nowhere?

The Wildlife Bridge (corridor) over the freeway to the north side of the 101 is a nonstarter and a waste of money. The normal range that mountain lions forage covers hundreds of miles. The Santa Monica Mountain Range that abuts the 101 Freeway is over 35 miles in length. There are many overpasses over the freeway now. The current range […]