Cooling off at the Boys & Girls Club


Mason Harrison of Oak Park made the dean’s list for the 2014-15 academic year at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo. Harrison maintained a grade point average of at least 3.75. Mariah McReynolds of Oak Park made the 2015 spring semester dean’s list at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind. for her grade point average of at least […]

Embracing 50 year years of Medicare

It’s easy to forget that before 1966 roughly half of all American seniors were uninsured and living in fear that the high cost of healthcare could plunge them and their families into poverty. Few of us remember that not long ago too many disabled people, families with children, pregnant women and low-income working Americans were unable to afford the medical […]

Back to school, thank heavens

Bus stop intrusion

Shame on Ventura County for installing a shuttle bus shelter within the drip line of an oak tree. The cement pad for the shelter at Kanan and Conifer in Oak Park is only 4 feet from the oak’s trunk. The county tree law says that any construction has to be 15 feet from the trunk of an oak tree. However, […]

Analyzing old Agoura home

I can understand the apprehension of the Old Agoura residents and their fear of having addicts living next door. But the clients are former addicts who are seeking professional guidance, are not using any substance and who happen to have sufficient means to afford such a luxury facility. Perhaps the residents have never had any experience with dependency or even […]

Rehab homes affect sale prices

Considering the property the drug rehab house on Lapworth is owned by one of our Old Agoura residents, do you suppose there will be more to come down the pike? It obviously is a huge moneymaker if you didn’t have a conscience and could care less about your neighbors. I urge anyone considering listing their home for sale to think […]

Squirrel, peanut

I am a volunteer at the Calabasas California Wildlife Center. I always read your Critter Corner or any article on wildlife since I enjoy working and caring for wildlife. Your newspaper does a wonderful job in presenting our local wildlife. I noticed in the Aug. 6 paper there is a picture of a very nice Squirrel of the Month with […]

Judging history

Now that the Confederate flag has been removed and someone wants to remove Robert E. Lee’s name from a local school, what is next? Should we now deport all the Japanese and German cars? They were responsible for Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death march and the Holocaust. Do we remove FDR’s name from history since he incarcerated the Japanese on […]

First responders are the best

While riding my bicycle on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. between Agoura and Westlake Village on Sat., Aug 8, I had an unfortunate encounter with a car—I lost. Fortunately I wasn’t seriously injured but I want to thank the L.A. sheriff’s deputies and the L.A. County firemen and paramedics who responded. They are extremely competent and courteous professionals who quickly and calmly […]