2015-06-18 E-Edition

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Class Act

Oak Park High sued in Twitter free-speech case

The storm that erupted last year when several Oak Park High School students celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday with anti-Semitic and racist tweets isn’t over yet. Two students accused in the wrongdoing have filed lawsuits claiming their constitutional rights were violated by the school and that they suffered unnecessary public ridicule. Scotland Yannello and Jared Pollard. who were implicated during the […]

Fertile frogs find home

At least a handful of rare frogs have survived their first year in the Santa Monica Mountains, due to an effort by the National Park Service to expand the range of the California red-legged frog in Southern California. “Most studies have found that only 1 to 5 percent of frogs in the wild make it to adulthood, so this is […]

As the drought lingers, water rates go up

Conservation causes revenue loss

Because businesses and residents are using less water and sales revenue is dropping, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District will add new rate hikes onto customer bills that have already seen steady increases over the past five years. LVMWD anticipates $67 million in potable water and sewer revenues for the fiscal year starting July 1, a reduction of 12 percent […]

Parents protest over funding

Parents from Las Virgenes Unified School District staged a protest at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) June 2 to raise awareness about the potential loss of funding for the district’s Career Technical Education program. About 1,700 students are enrolled in the Las Virgenes career tech program, previously known as ROP, or Regional Occupation Program. According to organizer […]

Drought vigilantes on patrol

It’s no surprise that the new water conservation requirements have precipitated a form of class warfare in the Conejo and Las Virgenes valleys. People with expensive homes and nice front yards who can afford to keep their grass green are being resented by owners of more modest homes who cannot afford high bills and penalties incurred by the drought. Perhaps […]

Political Cartoon

Opposes higher water rates

It’s time for a water revolution! The Triunfo water district is raising rates again. They are creatively referred to as water shortage rates, but they are really water profit shortage rates. The district tells us we are not doing enough, and it believes we will use even less water if it costs more. The fact is, we are all using […]

Nostalgia for Oak Park

NPIt saddened me to read of the proposed plans to build a new park building at Mae Boyer Park. Having moved to Oak Park in early 1967 as an 11-year-old, that old park building has a lot more history than most of you know. There was whole lot of nothing out here in what was simply known as Agoura back […]