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'Paywall' removed

The new millennium has been a transformative time for newspaper publishing.

Changing reader habits and the advent of new technology have placed big demands on companies in the print news business.

The Acorn and its parent company, Times Media Group, understand that their biggest responsibility is not only the delivery of credible, relevant information in a timely fashion, but making sure residents have easy access to the publication when stories become available.

That’s why we’re super excited about the news being shared today.

Following a five-year stretch in which Acorn readers were given the option of purchasing online subscriptions to the paper, that so-called “paywall” is coming down.

“Mr. Publisher, tear down this wall,” the late President Ronald Reagan might have once said.

And so we did.

Starting immediately, all online content from our five Acorn publications will be available at no charge to the reader, meaning a paid subscription is no longer required to click and read articles. The weekly Acorn has always been delivered to your driveway at no cost—that more than 40-year tradition will continue—and from now on The Acorn on the internet will be free as well.

Why the change?

The Acorn is your community newspaper, and we want to make sure it stays that way. We believe it’s important that residents feel a connection to the stories we write and also learn about the businesses that advertise in their community. The absence of a paywall is the best way to ensure this free-flow of information remains.

We also invite readers to sign up for the new, easy-to-read Acorn newspaper e-edition delivered weekly to your e-mail. Viewed on mobile, desktop or laptop, the pages are super easy to navigate and, free, just like the print paper.

Local journalism is first gear in the engine that drives America’s free press, and a free press it shall be.


2013-11-28 E-Edition

Light up the holidays

Westlake installs new City Council

Rutherford named mayor

Westlake Village officials say that good leadership is about encouraging residents and businesses to do the right thing on their own. This allows the city to maintain high standards with minimal governmental interference and regulations, City Council members during their annual reorganization meeting on Nov. 20. The council chambers were filledwith supp o r t e r s and community […]

Shop here, offcials say

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, officials in Agoura Hills are encouraging shoppers to “buy local”—and to save time, money and hassles while boosting the city’s economy. As a reminder to residents to spend holiday dollars in town, the city has draped several streets with banners that tout shopping locally in conjunction with national Small Business Saturday […]

Concerns about state’s water delivery system voiced locally

Bay Delta needs improvements, but at what cost?

Without major improvements to the water delivery system in the Sacramento Bay Delta, residents, businesses and farmers in Central and Southern California will eventually run out of potable water, according to experts who spoke recently at a recent state water policy briefing. About 70 elected officials and community leaders attended the presentation at the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District headquarters […]

All Hale the mother of Thanksgiving

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the trimmings: It’s tough to beat the delectable fare served on Thanksgiving. This year, though, as you’re heading back for another piece of Grandma’s pumpkin pie, don’t forget to give a tip of the fork and a nod of the plate to Sarah J. Hale. Born in New Hampshire in 1788, Hale was a […]

When building, do it smartly

The city of Calabasas proudly displays its oak tree logo at every opportunity. This splendid signifier of the community’s heritage and support of nature’s beauty is backed by an oak tree regulation designed to protect her majestic trees. Take a walk around a single block in the Bird Streets, one of the town’s longest established communities, and you can witness […]

Rules of the road

I am sending a response to Mr. Brad Stein’s letter regarding cycling safety and a road use tax. Mr. Stein, why do you feel all roads without bike lanes should only be allowed to be used by cars? I am unaware of any law that entitles you to single usage, unless it’s a private road. I will humbly apologize if […]

Riding against traffic unsafe

As an avid bicycle rider and nationally trained cycling instructor, I must take strong exception to John Dalrymple’s misinformed opinion (Letters, Acorn, Nov. 14) about “Walk, ride against traffic.” For bicycle riders this is tragic misinformation. One of the major causes of bicycle/vehicle collisions is bicycles riding on the wrong side of the road, facing traffic. First, these are our […]

Bomb threat provides teachable moment

A bomb threat at Oak Park High School last month turned out to be a hoax, but administrators said it gave them a chance to test the school’s emergency system and disaster preparedness. On the morning of Oct. 23, a staff member received an email stating that a bomb was planted at the school. Oak Park Unified School District Superintendent […]