2013-09-26 E-Edition

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The rush to be first in line invites danger

Mornings and afternoons in front of local schools can be a frustrating time for parents who drive their kids to class, but the snarled traffic can also affect communities at large. Although cities and school districts have tried to deal with the issue of traffic congestion, it’s a problem that just never seems to go away. From Calabasas to Oak […]

Triunfo upset about cost overrun

Directors shocked at price of meter station installation

Changes and cost overruns that more than doubled the expense of a new underground metering station at Kanan Road and Falling Star Avenue in Oak Park have angered local water district officials who had to dig into their reserves to pay for the extra charges. The metering station regulates and measures the flow of water going into the new reservoir […]

Water districts sue EPA over clean water standards

Two local water districts have filed suit in federal court seeking to block the new clean water standards imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Malibu Creek and Lagoon. The Las Virgenes–Triunfo Joint Powers Authority, a joint venture of Las Virgenes Municipal Water District and Triunfo Sanitation District, seeks injunctive relief from the EPA’s July 2 “total maximum daily […]

Woman charged in scam against Calabasas senior citizen

$20,000 in checks allegedly stolen

A Thousand Oaks woman suspected of forging checks and stealing about $20,000 from an elderly woman earlier this summer is now facing felony elder abuse and identity theft charges, according to Ventura County court records. Sandra Joyce Zbinden, 37, was working for a Calabasas-based accounting firm when she cashed or deposited into her own bank account at least six checks […]

Westlake Village City Council candidate Brad Halpern rooted in community

Brad Halpern, 51, said he is a proven leader who can bring Westlake Village residents together to collaborate on ideas and solve problems. Halpern is one of three challengers and two incumbents competing for three seats in the city’s November municipal election. “I think our City Council needs a new voice that is a reminder of why we all moved […]

School traffic won’t subside, but safe driving can mitigate the danger

Acorn reporters Stephanie Bertholdo and Sylvie Belmond teamed up this week on an in-depth story about the school traffic hot spots in our area. It’s a problem that just never seems to go away. Traffic in general is a topic that makes the blood boil. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. But traffic around the schools is especially […]

EPA establishes expensive water regulations that accomplish nothing

I want to comment on the regulations that the EPA is about to implement for Malibu Creek and their effect on the Triunfo Sanitation and Las Virgenes Water District. I also want to focus on how unfair the process was which created the regulations, and the likelihood of these regulations actually achieving their goal of reducing algae growth in Malibu […]

You make your own happiness

In response to The Acorn letter to the editor of Sept. 19, “The Most Important Person,” while entertaining, sarcastic and properly snarky, I found it reminded me of one of my favorite stories. A couple drives up to a farmer sitting on his front porch on the edge of town. The couple asks the farmer, “We are thinking about relocating […]

Angered by her parking ticket

On Sat., Sept. 21, Westlake High School hosted a frosh/soph girls’ volleyball tournament. There were 16 schools participating and there were other functions going on at the school. Parking was impossible. As it was an all-day tournament, we had large, heavy coolers, easy-up tents, chairs and additional bulky items. Approximately 30 or so cars parked directly in front of the […]