2013-08-15 E-Edition

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What happens when one parent poisons a child against the other parent

Ronit Levy of Calabasas had just one wish on Mother’s Day this year—to rescue her children from their “kidnapper.” The Acorn received this message in a response to a Facebook post asking mothers what they really wanted for Mother’s Day. “I want to rescue my kids from their kidnapper and free them to love anyone they want— free to call […]

New Westlake retail center brings Target, Total Woman

Not only does Westlake Village have a busy Costco, but when a new Target and other stores open next summer in a business park on the community’s north side, the city’s financial standing figures to improve even more. The Shoppes at Westlake Village retail center is expected to become a new city hub with places for the community to shop, […]

Local panhandlers get mixed response from wary residents

Communities deal with growing problem

Panhandlers asking for money are not an uncommon sight, even in our local affluent neighborhoods. Some congregate on Thousand Oaks Boulevard near the entrances to Do-it Center and McDonald’s; others loiter around supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Vons on Moorpark Road. Calabasas and Camarillo have seen their share, too. How the community should deal with those who beg in […]

Haw defense fires back

The defense attorney representing Gary Alan Haw says he has “ironclad proof” that at least two of the three alleged victims in a molestation case against his client are lying about being sexually assaulted. Haw, 50, of Agoura Hills is the co-owner of Tan LA at 1625 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. He was indicted last Friday by a Ventura County […]

What do you do when you see a panhandler?

Everybody has had an encounter with a panhandler. They’re common in many parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties and becoming increasingly visible in the local communities. Whether driven to the streets by the recession or because of other reasons, the men and women who make a living looking for a handout do it out of necessity, not because they […]

Calabasas Inn development a ‘monstrosity’

After reading the story about the proposed development on the site of the old Calabasas Inn and looking at the artist’s rendition, one must wonder what would compel the planning department to approve such a monstrosity. Is this the same planning department that approved The Summit shopping center off Lost Hills Road? Or the huge new performing arts center at […]

Off to the races

Two weeks ago, construction was completed on Parkway Sorrento to eliminate the speed bumps and install three roundabout islands in the middle of the road. This was done in an effort to slow down speeding motorists along the residential street. Evidently the speed bumps did little to nothing to slow traffic along the length of this straightaway. Now it appears […]

Feels Westlake is dissing seniors

Kudos to Dottie Glander of Agoura Hills for writing the letter to the editor last week about Westlake not being interested in senior housing. Westlake Village is interested in attracting tourism. Their definition of tourism is big-box store openings to bring in more money. Senior housing is very much needed in our once “village” atmosphere. Agoura Hills obviously cares about […]

Cyclist offended

As a cyclist myself, I found the cartoon in the Aug. 8 Acorn quite offensive. I have yet to see a word about the good, conscientious, kind cyclists that do know how to share the road, while some aggressive SUV drivers, particularly women—and I am a woman—honk to no end when we dare to use the same road that we […]