Who began spying on whom?

With regard to Mr. Matthew Toomey’s letter (“Snoop dupe,” in the July 3 edition of The Acorn), his statement that “wholesale spying on all Americans was instigated with full approval of the president of the United States” is correct, except that it was not by President Obama but by President George W. Bush. PRISM was a secret national security electronic […]

Banding together for summer fun

Eye On Local Area Stocks

Immigration law will have local consequences

While reading about the proposed Maricopa School expansion, the concerns of increased traffic and the constant threat of development that plague our community, I was curious if anyone is paying attention to what’s going on right now in Washington D.C., a debate that threatens every American citizen’s quality of life and ability to compete in an everchanging competitive workforce. Historic […]

Grant offered for residential native plant landscape makeover

The Conejo Valley Audubon Society is offering a $500 grant, in memory of Tom Halpin, for homeowners to change the plants in their yards to California native ones. The society has experts who will make plant lists, help gardeners shop for them and then assist in the planting process as well. Homeowners who change their yards will receive a sign […]

Beating the heat in a cool pool

HOT ENOUGH FOR YA?—Above, David Fields and his 3-year-old son Oliver find some relief from the recent 100-degree heat by frolicking in the swimming pool at Lindero Country Club in Agoura HIlls. Right, Aiden Worth, 6, prepares for a splashdown after a boost from mom Brandy.

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills A burglar stole a $ 500 massage table and caused $200 in damage shattering the window of a car parked on Thousand Oaks Boulevard June 29. A patron at the Adobe Cantina reported that someone stole her cellphone from her car while she was having dinner in the 29100 block of Agoura Road June 29. A vandal caused […]

These teens really dig workshop about plants

Group to discuss kids and tobacco

The Alliance to Keep Kids Tobacco Free is a coalition aimed at preventing youth access to tobacco products. Members of the alliance are asking Agoura Hills residents, youths and community organizations to attend a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tues., July 23 to discuss ways to keep tobacco out of the hands of young people. The alliance is working in Agoura […]

Local photographer speaks volumes with her new book about guitars

Over the years, the gods of rock ’n’ roll have written and recorded more songs than the world will ever know, but the instrument they all played, the electric guitar, can be defined by a single, other-worldly number: 108. A new book containing fine art photography of some of the coolest guitars ever played and candid pictures of the stars […]