2013-05-23 E-Edition


This Memorial Day we proudly salute our hometown heroes

The voices of a fading generation will one day be lost. There are 1.2 million World War II veterans in the United States. About 1,000 of them die every day. In Ventura County, an estimated 11 percent, or 5,500 of the area’s 50,000 U.S. military veterans fought in the conflict, said Mike McManus, County of Ventura veteran services officer. “It […]

Student suspected in Agoura High racist attack

’Hit list’ targeted blacks

Sheriff’s deputies believe no Agoura High School students are in danger despite the racist and threatening graffiti that was found on campus May 12. “We are confident . . . there is no threat to the high school relative to an extremist group,” Lost Hills sheriff’s Capt. Patrick Davoren said. According to reports, the student responsible for the crime is […]

Actor charged in local cocaine sale

Former “Days of Our Lives” actor Dylan Michael Patton was charged with allegedly selling cocaine out of his Agoura Hills home, the L. A. District Attorney’s Office said. Best known for playing the character Will Horton on “Days of Our Lives,” Patton earned an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor. He left the show in 2010. The 20-year-old was arrested […]

War heroes are a dying breed

D-Day. Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Guadalcanal. The Battle of the Bulge. With details too horrific and ramifications too monumental to ignore, these epic World War II battles will live on in American lore for generations to come. But the survivors of the battles— the men and women who witnessed both courage and carnage firsthand—are disappearing with each passing day. While Memorial […]

Liked how Misel handled the graffiti incident

This letter is written in support of Agoura High School principal Larry Misel and his handling of the desecration of our campus last week. Misel has been criticized for overreacting to the findings of racist graffiti on campus. On the contrary, I applaud and support him for applying a steady and experienced hand to a potentially explosive situation. It is […]

How you can bee aware

Many thanks from me and the local bees for Shaunna Mullins’ letter of concern over the dead bees in her garden and the unfortunate practice of spraying bees with pesticides. I’m a local hobbyist beekeeper, and one of the resources used by the Ventura County Fire Department in responding to calls from residents or businesses about bee swarms. In many […]

Not a land grab

In a recent letter to the editor titled “Feels National Park is Predatory,” Mr. DiSomone stated the National Park Service would oversee residential tracts of privately owned homes if the Rim of the Valley park is approved. This is an incorrect statement. Similar to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, the outer boundary would encompass public and private land. […]

Westlake Village makes clear its stand on business permits

Although Westlake Village entrepreneurs are not required to have a business license, city officials are still requesting that they contact city hall before they establish, expand or relocate their businesses. Some businesses will need a special permit before they can operate in certain locations. Last fall the city imposed an increased penalty on businesses that fail to obtain the required […]

Take part in Acorn’s ‘Draw Dad’ feature

Sun., June 16 is Father’s Day and The Acorn is inviting all kids to take out pen, pencil or crayon and draw a picture of dear old Dad. An online link to a Draw Dad template can be found at www.theacorn.com/ DrawDad. pdf. Using the template, draw a picture of what your father looks like and mail it to The […]