2013-03-28 E-Edition

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Ceremony makes sure homeless vet not forgotten

Patriot Guard Riders, a motorcycle organization supporting veterans, roared their Harleys onto the grounds of Pierce Brothers cemetery on March 21 to pay tribute to a fellow soldier who died alone and destitute on the streets of Los Angeles. Terry Pierce, a homeless Vietnam veteran, served in the U.S. Army between 1966 and 1968. He died Feb. 1 at the […]

Prop. 30, boom or bust?

Some school districts cry foul in distribution of funds

Despite the passage of Proposition 30 last November, Las Virgenes school officials continue to worry about their district’s financial health. Prop. 30, the income and sales tax increase to benefit public education, was billed as a cure for ailing budgets, but how much revenue the schools will actually receive remains to be seen. At a March 12 board of education […]

Police sound alarm following recent local bank robberies

The Thousand Oaks Police Department is on high alert after a bank robbery in the city over the weekend—the third in just over a month. Around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, two masked men rushed into the Citibank at 33 N. Moorpark Road, jumped over the counter and ordered tellers and customers to get on the floor. They proceeded to empty the […]

Easter at the Adobe

ON THE HUNT—Quinn Porter, 1, from West Hills searches for eggs at the Leonis Adobe “Springtime At The Adobe” Easter event on March 23 in Calabasas. Besides an Easter egg hunt, activities included tortilla making, wool spinning and weaving, music from Craig Newton and, below, the petting of the adobe’s adorable farm animals.

Prop. 30—a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

Remember the cry to raise taxes with Proposition 30, last year’s new revenue machine that was supposed to save our cash-starved public school districts? Local voters just might have been hoodwinked. Yes, Prop. 30 will raise an expected $6 billion—some from higher taxes on the wealthy and some from an increased sales tax that we all must pay—to help education […]

School parking nightmare

For almost two years I’ve been dropping off and picking up kids from Westlake High School. As we all know, the traffic on Lakeview Canyon is a nightmare in the afternoon. This past week, the Thousand Oaks police officers were there for a few days giving out parking tickets for those who double park. Good for them! The people who […]

Role of the Federation

Those who question the activist role of the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation forget that this organization has worked in the political arena for 45 years, lobbying for environmental protection and quality of life in the Santa Monica Mountains. Without support from the federation’s citizen watchdogs, Malibu Creek State Park would have become a racetrack and there would be a freeway […]

Mulwood’s objection

I know I shouldn’t be surprised at what is and isn’t considered news these days, but I am. The March 21 Acorn carries a front page story about Mulwood’s not re-joining the Las Virgenes Homeowner Federation. As a well-known critic of LVHF, I can say without fear of correction that the same vote has been taken almost every year for […]

We say it’s still a free country

In response to David Litt’s letter to the editor on March 14, perhaps, David, you would feel differently if you were one of the Calabasas citizens marginalized and persecuted for standing up for what you believe in. The last time I checked, the United States, which includes Calabasas, is still a free country, and whether a citizen is protesting in […]