A nation loses its ‘moral compass’

I have no doubt The Acorn will be flooded with letters from people who want to use the Connecticut tragedy to further their own political agenda, whether pro-gun or anti-gun. This incident is so grave and evil that we need to look beyond the obvious. Blaming this incident on guns along is about a simplistic as blaming airplanes for Pearl […]

Santa helps steer kids toward college

Acupuncturist joins group

Daniel Regan, a licensed acupuncturist, has joined Wilkes Family Medicine and will begin treating patients in January. Trained at the New York College of Health Professionals, Regan earned a master’s degree in science and a doublespecialty in acupuncture and herbology. His studies included more than 3,000 hours in medical training including Western and Eastern medical theory. Donnelly Wilkes, MD, a […]

Take Your Acorn on Vacation

The liberal failing

Reading the first paragraph of the most recent letter from ol’ liberal Larry, I got excited when he stated that he was going to gloat about the recent elections. But alas, it was just more of the same drivel spewing forth from ol’ Larry, paragraph after paragraph bashing Republicans and the GOP. When ol’ Larry said he was “going to […]

The story behind beloved Christmas traditions

While moms and dads meet beneath the mistletoe for a kiss on Christmas Eve, their children rush off to sleep, hoping to wake up early and find presents from Santa. Decorated fir trees, stockings hanging on mantles, and striped candy canes are just a few of the other images that always come to mind during the Christmas season. But have […]

What’s new in Medicare for 2013


The Affordable Care Act strengthened Medicare in important ways. Signed in 2010, the federal health law already has provided free preventive health benefits to millions of people with Medicare, and saved billions of dollars for those who hit the gap in their Part D prescription drug coverage. In 2013, discounts on prescription drugs for people who reach the Part D […]

Oak Park soccer team enjoys quick start

Nothing can dampen the spirit of the Oak Park girls’ soccer team. Not even the recent chilly weather. The Eagles were all giggles Monday night despite having to practice in the cold, rainy weather. “Everyone’s always smiling, no matter the situation” said senior center midfielder Niki Herdegen about her teammates. “Everyone wants to be here. “I don’t remember the last […]

Logo change? Really?

Recently the electorate was duped into voting for the Prop. 30 tax increase. It was all for the kiddies. It was portrayed as a dire need and if it did not pass, there would be severe consequences. If money is so tight, why is California State University suggesting they change their logo? They raised the tuition because they did not […]

Scouts build a bear for Casa Pacifica