A nation loses its ‘moral compass’

I have no doubt The Acorn will be flooded with letters from people who want to use the Connecticut tragedy to further their own political agenda, whether pro-gun or anti-gun. This incident is so grave and evil that we need to look beyond the obvious. Blaming this incident on guns along is about a simplistic as blaming airplanes for Pearl […]

The liberal failing

Reading the first paragraph of the most recent letter from ol’ liberal Larry, I got excited when he stated that he was going to gloat about the recent elections. But alas, it was just more of the same drivel spewing forth from ol’ Larry, paragraph after paragraph bashing Republicans and the GOP. When ol’ Larry said he was “going to […]

Logo change? Really?

Recently the electorate was duped into voting for the Prop. 30 tax increase. It was all for the kiddies. It was portrayed as a dire need and if it did not pass, there would be severe consequences. If money is so tight, why is California State University suggesting they change their logo? They raised the tuition because they did not […]

A thorny issue

It was very encouraging to read that the Los Angeles County Weed Management is finally concerned about Ailanthus altissima, especially since Los Angeles County is the culprit in its being introduced into the Santa Monica Mountains. It is high time that Los Angeles County takes the responsibility for its removal. Prior to the construction of Mulholland Highway, there was no […]

Poaching blamed on China

In response to Clayton Yeo’s letter last week regarding the need for local governments to make plans to stop the poaching of elephants, I would like to address the issue. The situation is more complicated than that. As long as the demand for ivory from countries like China exist, poaching will continue. In 2008 the Convention on the International Trade […]

Sheriff’s Blotter

Agoura Hills A vandal caused $ 3,000 in damage to the tailgate of a vehicle parked on Foothill Drive Dec. 11. The culprit stole a $1,000 set of golf clubs during the incident. A thief stole a $5,000 mountain bicycle and $120 helmet from the garage of a home on Woodbrook Drive Dec. 10. A burglar caused $600 in damage […]

Sheriff hosts parenting program

The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station will host a Juvenile Parenting Program from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sat., Jan. 19 at the Malibu/ Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station, 27050 Agoura Road, Agoura. The program will cover key topics such as parenting, substance abuse, truancy, defiant behavior, careless driving, suicide, cyberbullying and other issues facing parents today. Parents can learn about trending […]

Local school districts assess safety plans following mass shooting

The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, Conn. on Dec. 14 became every parent’s worst new nightmare. The horror also spurred local school leaders into action and prompted them to reassess emergency planning procedures on campuses from Calabasas to Oak Park. Las Virgenes and Oak Park school districts were quick to quell the nerves of parents wondering […]

LVUSD reorganizes with Stein as president

The Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education reorganized last week, welcoming Lesli Stein as president for the first time. Stein replaced Cindy Iser in the position, which rotates annually. Board member Dave Moorman was nominated to serve as vice president, and Gordon Whitehead will take the helm as clerk. Iser was honored for her work. She received commendations […]

Weintraub on Calabasas panel

The Calabasas City Council appointed Environmental Commissioner Alicia Weintraub to fill a vacancy on the Calabasas Planning Commission. Weintraub earned a master’s degree in public policy from Pepperdine University and interned for the City of Calabasas before working on economic development projects for the cities of Burbank and Culver City, where she created community programs and managed urban revitalization. She […]