2012-02-02 E-Edition

Calabasas plastic bag ban seems to carry weight

All retailers must abide by new law

Many shoppers in Calabasas appear to welcome the city’s prohibition on carryout plastic bags. But others say the regulation is an infringement on personal liberty and a drag on business. The Calab asas City Council is debating the pros and cons of the plastic bag ban, which affects all retail stores in the city. The ban went into effect last […]

Look out below!

Calabasas Chamber is all business for 2012

The high cost of autism

Part two of a three-part series

Despite the growing autism epidemic across the United States, children who have the condition can still find a future that is promising and bright. Government- funded programs— administered through public schools and social services— have suffered major budget cuts in California in recent years, threatening the availability of special needs services for children with autism and leaving many families in […]

Jail for father-son scam team

A Sherman Oaks man and his Calabasas son each received more than 12 years in federal prison for running a scheme that defrauded more than 1,000 victims out of more than $39 million with promises of large returns in companies—including one that supposedly sold caffeinated breath mints. Besides prison for 63-year-old Richard Cohen and his 36-yearold son, Daniel Cohen, U. […]

Family, friends and football

It’s Thursday, then Friday—just a couple of days before the big game. Where you plan to watch the super match-up and with whom is just as important as the game itself, is it not? If you don’t care about every first down and every field goal (most viewers don’t know who the starting right guard is for either team), you’ve […]


A little common sense and courtesy would help

In respond to the letter “Horse feathers,” according to the state vehicle code, “The driver of any vehicle approaching any horsedrawn vehicle, any ridden animal or any livestock shall exercise proper control of his vehicle and shall reduce speed or stop as may appear necessary or as may be signalled or otherwise requested by any person driving, riding or in […]

Ethics at city hall

Regarding the labor suit filed against the city manager on Jan. 19: What in the world was Greg Ramirez—the Agoura Hills city manager, the presiding manager over all city employees—doing asking a city employee, Frank Gonzalez, to oversee a 10-day landscaping job at Ramirez’s home in March 2009 in the first place? All of us who have managed an organization […]