High School Highlights

Agoura Chargers Fri., Dec. 2: Fall play/7 p.m. Sat., Dec. 3: Dance showcase/7 p.m. Fall play/7 p.m. Wed., Dec. 7: Drama club inductions/ 7 p.m. Thurs., Dec. 8: Late start day Fall play/7 p.m. Calabasas Coyotes Fri., Dec. 2: NHS meeting/11:30 a.m. Cabaret show/7 p.m. Sat. Dec. 3: SAT/8 a.m. NHS tutoring/8:30 p.m. Sun., Dec. 4: Equestrian team show Junior […]

Bike lanes are better than most

`I ride quite a lot on the bike lanes in Calabasas and Agoura. In fact I ride across Valley Circle Road using the Caltrans bike lanes. Are they perfect? No. Is it better than nothing? Absolutely. Riders are going to cross there no matter whether there are lanes or not. Of all the 101 overpasses, that one is the most […]

A short person in love with tall trees

The most beautiful photograph I have ever seen of California scenery was of a giant redwood grove dusted by snowfall. Enrollment in landscaping classes clarified that the term “redwood” applies to Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood), while “big tree” or “giant sequoia” refers to Sequoiadendron giganteum (also known as Sequoia gigantea). Coast redwood is the world’s champion height- wise, with majestic […]

Nonprofit groups invited to apply for grants in Westlake Village

The City of Westlake Village is accepting applications for the 2012 Community Service Grant Program. The applications are available at www.wlv.org and city hall. The deadline to apply is Fri., Jan. 27. A Community Service Fund Advisory Committee of two council and five residents will review submissions. The city will use $90,500 from its 2011-12 general fund budget to support […]

Audubon to host bird walks

Conejo Valley Audubon will meet at 7:30 p.m. Mon., Dec. 5 at Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, 439 Calle San Pablo, Camarillo. Since 1989, Don Des- Jardin has spent hours capturing birds on both film and video in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. For the December meeting, DesJardin will present his latest video “More Birds and Other Natural Things Volume […]

Westlake dentist spreads smiles abroad

Reliving the war

Every year around this time I’m reminded of the U.S. Bleeding Hearts Association’s problem of historical memory loss and their annoying inability to remember anything beyond yesterday. The bleeding hearts begin shedding tears every year from about Aug. 5 through Dec. 8 when they suddenly regain their selective, historical memories. We hear how the mean, nasty Americans barbarically and unnecessarily […]

Villa Esperanza celebrates 50 years

More than 120 guests attended as Villa Esperanza Services celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Plug Nickel restaurant in Westlake Village in November. The ceremony included presentations by Sean Parosky from state Sen. Tony Strickland’s office; Ernie Villegas, district director with Assemblymember Jeff Gorell’s office; Councilmember Thomas Glancy of Thousand Oaks; Mayor Pro Tem Susan Mc- Sweeney of Westlake Village; […]

Happy birthday, sheriff

The Conejo Jewish Day School will celebrate Sheriff Geoff Dean’s birthday at 1:15 p. m. Fri., Dec. 2 at 1080 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. The public is welcome to join in the “Attitude of Gratitude” celebration to thank him and the peace officers for their hard work. The event will feature a meet and greet, photo opportunity and birthday cake. […]

Food drive feeds hungry pets

Donations support rescue group

Courtney’s Cuddles Petsitting will host a Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive through Dec. 12. As part of an international effort spearheaded by Pet Sitters International, an association for professional pet sitters, the drive will collect pet food for local shelters. Proceeds from this donation will go to Pet Stop Rescue. Donations can be dropped off at these locations. Newbury Park: […]