2011-12-01 E-Edition

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Gay lesson plan coming to school

New state law will require attention to diversity

Local school districts are starting to pay attention to a new state law that requires certain textbooks to highlight the achievements of the gay and lesbian population in California and the United States. How Senate Bill 48— an amendment to the state Education Code signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in July—will play out in local classrooms remains uncertain. Although the […]

Heroin a new drug of choice

Users chronicle path to addiction

Part one of a three-part series It took David Johnston 30 minutes to destroy the future he’d been trying to build for 18 years. Strung out on cocaine, heroin and an assortment of other drugs, David and a fellow user hatched a plan to rob the home of an acquaintance. The plan was simple. Call to make sure no one […]

Leaving fall behind

Mobile advertising prohibited in Agoura Hills

Danger, blight cited

The Agoura Hills City Council gave preliminary approval to a new ordinance that will prohibit mobile billboard advertising throughout the city. The mobile sign ordinance will be reviewed a second time at a Dec. 14 public hearing. Ramiro Adeva, Agoura’s director of public works, said the state Legislature amended the vehicle code in 2010 to give cities better regulation over […]

Heads up: distracted drivers on the road

Until the California Legislature decides to impose greater penalties on drivers who use cellphones, those of us who pay attention to the law must continue to be on the lookout for those who don’t. It can be aggravating waiting at a green light while the person in front of you finishes their texting. But aggravation is only the half of […]


Bike lanes are better than most

`I ride quite a lot on the bike lanes in Calabasas and Agoura. In fact I ride across Valley Circle Road using the Caltrans bike lanes. Are they perfect? No. Is it better than nothing? Absolutely. Riders are going to cross there no matter whether there are lanes or not. Of all the 101 overpasses, that one is the most […]

Reliving the war

Every year around this time I’m reminded of the U.S. Bleeding Hearts Association’s problem of historical memory loss and their annoying inability to remember anything beyond yesterday. The bleeding hearts begin shedding tears every year from about Aug. 5 through Dec. 8 when they suddenly regain their selective, historical memories. We hear how the mean, nasty Americans barbarically and unnecessarily […]

Parents forever

It is a challenging, never-ending and some times heart-breaking job. The job is being a parent. Parents today feel an enormous amount of pressure to be as successful as possible. They want provide their kids with a comfortable life. However, there other factors in raising kids which are just as important as success, if not more. Things like respect and […]