2011-09-08 E-Edition

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Firefighters recall fallen hero of 9/11

Friend died in the South Tower

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, the chief of New York City Fire Department Battalion 49, John Michael Moran, entered the inferno of the World Trade Center’s South Tower. Hearing the cries for help from the victims trapped above, the 42-year-old Moran began heading up the building’s crumbling stairwell. Moran’s last known words, transmitted over a two-way radio, were […]

Ground water investigation plods along

Contaminated soil is not the only concern at the Santa Susana Field Lab. The groundwater that flows beneath the 2,850-acre sandstone mountain, a former rocket engine testing and nuclear research facility, is also tainted. Just how tainted is a question yet to be answered. The agencies responsible for the cleanup of the testing site just north of Oak Park have […]

Open house at the Wildlife Center

We all remember that fateful day 10 years ago

Sunday will mark 10 years since the attacks of 9/11. A decade after Islamic terrorists flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, and United Flight 93 went down near Shanksville, Pa., it’s still difficult to imagine such an attack could ever happen on U.S. soil. First Pearl Harbor, then 9/11 . . . Who can […]


‘Gift of life’ helped save her husband

I recently saw the news article in The Acorn, “Oak Park resident celebrates successful transplants.” The article was positive and uplifting not only giving a good outcome for Oak Park resident, Shirley Pirozzi, but also supplying informative information regarding organ/tissue awareness and donation. In September 2009 my 55-yearold husband was diagnosed with hepatopulmonary syndrome, a rare lung illness caused by […]

Appreciates cancer awareness event in Oak Park

Kudos to Diane Darling and Oak Park (Sept. 1 Acorn) for bringing awareness about ovarian cancer to the public. I was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer two years ago after five months of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had classic symptoms, yet even medical experts hadn’t a clue and misdiagnosed my symptoms as […]

Water district trips considered junkets

A few days ago I received my Las Virgines Municipal Water District (LVMWD) bi-monthly bill, which happened to be the highest bill that I have ever received despite using 64 percent of my alloted budget amount in the most recent billing period. Enclosed with the bill was LVMWD newsletter, “The Current Flow,” which had an article about “Water Supply Inspection […]

Tired of paying for district’s outof town students

While I am opposed to the November $98 parcel tax, I am even more irate about students living outside LVUSD attending our schools on our dime. Politicians have some nerve asking members of the community to subsidize students who live outside the area. Most people move to this area for the schools. My suggestion is send those who attend our […]