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THURS., JULY 28 Camarillo Community Band Concert 7 p.m. at Community Center Park, Carmen Drive and Burnley Street, Camarillo. Directed by Julie Judd. For all ages. Bring lawn seating and picnics. Free. Contact: Dan Rhymes. Phone: 805.484.8050. Emai l : camarillocommunityband@lafn.org. Web: www.camarillocommunityband.com. Calabasas Summer Theater Program 7 p.m. July 28, 29 and 30 at Calabasas High School theater, 22855 […]

‘Annie’ production has real heart

Laughter, truly the best medicine

Comedy Night V to deliver a good dose of humor

You’ve heard the expression “Laughter is the best medicine.” It’s not a myth. According to WebMD, laughter stretches muscles and increases breathing and the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Laughing also burns calories and lowers blood sugar. It helps you feel better. and enables relaxation and sleep. Helpguide.org, says laughing bonds people together and increases happiness, intimacy and togetherness. […]

Don’t fear looking out of state for college

A Dash of Youth

Southern California and New England. The Southwest and the Northeast. One is very new, and the other, despite the “New” in its name, is very old. One might believe that a person from one coast—a region so unlike the other in terms of climate, geography and tradition (or lack thereof)—would grow up to be very different from a person on […]