2011-06-09 E-Edition

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New Reyes bridge worth the wait

Agoura six-lane overpass opens to traffic

Agoura Hills officials and other dignitaries dedicated the longawaited Reyes Adobe bridge in a ceremony held June 4 on the clean pavement atop the new overpass. Mayor Harry Schwarz called the completion of the $8.4-million freeway bridge a “momentous time in the history of Agoura Hills,” adding that the city first started talking about the project more than a decade […]

Calabasas Council rejects Martin nomination

With a 4-1 vote, the Calabasas City Council declined to confirm a nominee selected by Councilmember Lucy Martin for the city’s planning commission. The denial, which occurred at a May 25 council meeting, was a first for Calabasas. In April, officials confirmed numerous appointments for individuals who had already begun their terms on the planning commission and various advisory panels. […]

Lindero middle schoolers said to be dealing cocaine

Two Lindero Canyon Middle School students were detained at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station May 19 for allegedly buying and selling cocaine on campus. According to Dep. Scott Rule, a 13-year-old boy sold the illegal substance to a 12-yearold sixth-grade student on the campus at Larboard Lane in Agoura Hills. The older student obtained what is believed to be cocaine […]

A little more sizzle to go with that steak

Change simply for the sake of change is rarely a good thing. Change made to achieve a positive result is a different matter. Such is the motivation behind the new-looking Acorn that you hold in your hands today. In our goal to bring you local news and features in an attractive and compelling manner, we are rolling out our newly […]


Like, get over it

Regarding Alyson Kessler’s disdain for the over usage of “like,” she should look back at the overuse of certain words in the past. I bet, judging from the age of her children, that in her time the most used expression was “Y’know,” followed by “An’ I’m all” and thrown in with “an’ I’m like an’ s/he was like-you know.” And […]

Well said

Alyson Kessler’s wonderful article on how so many of our children are misusing and overusing the word “like” hit very close to home for me. For nearly 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching public speaking, argument and debate. I’ve seen first-hand what a forensics (speech and debate) program can do to improve a child’s critical thinking skills, public […]

Questions LVMWD reimbursement

I was happy to see in the June 2 letters to The Acorn a post from Roy Good concerning the outrageous decision by the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District to reimburse the irresponsible water users in the district and thumb their collective noses at those of us who actually conserved enough water to make the Metro’s usage penalties unnecessary. What […]

Water policy unfair

Roy Good’s letter to the editor regarding the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District’s conservation program was right on point. The excessive use penalties levied last year should have been used for advanced conservation devices and programs. The decision to refund money to “non-conservers” is unfair to all the ratepayers who made the difficult effort to cut back. From Page 4 […]