2010-08-19 E-Edition

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The Jews and the Japanese in WWII

It is interesting and educational to read William Felsman’s account of the U.S. alien internment camps during WWII, (Acorn July 1); Chester Yabitsu’s understandable emotional reaction (Acorn July 22) having personally experienced life in these camps; and finally Manny Cuizon’s comments of July 29. After the horrors and unspeakable brutality of the Nazi concentration death camps mainly against the Jews, […]

Thinks city has ulterior motive in requiring sewers

At its Aug. 11 meeting, in a 3-2 vote, the Calabasas City Council authorized the spending of $100,000 to proceed with an environmental impact report to study a proposed extension of 6,300 feet of sewers to less than three dozen homes in Old Topanga. An issue paper on water, sewer, and storm drain infrastucture prepared by Penfield & Smith for […]

Learn from history

I suggest another view regarding the incarceration of Japanese Americans into concentration camps during WWII, because without trial and without due process, the United States government locked up nearly all of those citizens and longtime residents who were of Japanese descent. Hysteria led policymakers and media to action, which resulted in many Americans of Japanese decent to be incarcerated into […]

Kept in the dark about cell towers

In my research against the placement of two T-Mobile cell towers up on Adamsville Avenue, I have discovered a large and busy mushroom farm. There are two very important things that go into growing mushrooms: First, you must keep the environment dark and murky. No light of day can illuminate the growing process. Second, if you want big mushrooms, you […]

No on annexation

Regarding the Aug. 11 Calabasas City Council annexation hearing, activists from the rural areas south of the city united and spoke vociferously against the annexation. Joan Kay, who didn’t want to be annexed through across generations, was hiring an attorney to get Monte Nido removed from the city’s sphere of influence. Mayor Groveman, trying to calm the crowd, said, “There […]

Oak Park streets are in a bad way

I can’t believe the conditions of several of the streets in our area. They are in such poor shape it is like driving in a Third World country. I’m specifically referring to Hawthorne Drive between Mareto Way and Rockfield Street, and Rockfield Street between Pesaro Street and Lindero Canyon Road. As a cyclist, I’m constantly dodging ruts and potholes and […]

Cyclists, sidewalkers and the American flag

I cannot fathom why California law mandates that public road bicycling be done in a manner that places cyclists in the optimum position for death. It staggers my imagination that anyone could believe that cycling with the traffic—with backs to the cars and the whole burden of avoidance on the motorist— is considered safe. Why can’t anyone understand that cycling […]

Mitrice Richardson treated callously

What a different outcome could have been possible had Geoffrey’s Malibu Restaurant accepted the credit card number offered by the family of Mitrice Richardson over the telephone to pay for the woman’s dinner and allowed her to leave without calling the sheriff ’s department. Credit card numbers are given over the phone every day for purchases. Had the Lost Hills/ […]

Don’t compare mosque to Chabad

I would like to respond to Norman Shubert’s letter. He has completely missed the point regarding Chabad expansion. The New York mosque is in downtown New York City and has occupied that spot for 27 years. The Chabad of Oak Park is in a residential area surrounded by homes separated by only a few feet. There are no provisions for […]