Pet of the Week

Westlake-Agoura Girls Softball No. 1

Home Sweet Beehive

Q: In the large oak tree in my backyard there’s a hole about 6 inches in diameter where a branch was cut off many years ago. The hole is about 15 feet up the tree, and a lot of bees go in and out of it every day. Does that mean there’s a beehive inside the tree and, if so, […]

Art show is inspired by recycling

The Green/Vert/Verde environmentally inspired art show will take place July 8 through Sept. 20 in the Galleria at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts, 403 W. Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks. An artists’ reception will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. Sat., Aug. 7 at the Galleria. The reception is free and open to the public. This is an invitational […]

Brookside students win race to the top

Summa cum doggie

Going for gold at the June Jamboree