Inspired by Seeger

I just witnessed The Pete Seeger Band last weekend at the Monterrey Jazz Festival delivering song after song of the utmost simplicity and clarity. At 90 he still plays, handling all his own instruments as he proceeded to inspire the crowd. I was deeply moved to watch the sophisticated jazz set, many with tears and obvious emotion standing and singing […]

Carter’s remarks not off base

I have long admired former President Carter’s quiet intellect and devotion to causes that benefit our most needy citizens. He impressed me again this week when he had the courage to address the “elephant in the room,” race.  “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African American should not be president,” said Carter. Sadly, I feel it, too. Many […]

Willow School takes exception

We at Willow Elementary would like to address Mrs. Goldsen’s letter in The Acorn last week regarding President Obama’s address to school children. First, Mrs. Goldsen is not a parent at Willow and does not have her facts even remotely correct. There was no “someone” who decided on the viewing of the president’s speech. And “censorship” was in no way […]

Made an impact

Who is Lesli Stein? Until my wife became a teacher in LVUSD, like many in our community, I had no idea who she was. In music and film, consumers are unaware of the director, writer, and producer. They pay attention to the final product. However, some of the creative forces behind those industries, just as in education, are unsung. Lesli […]

Getting to know Lesli Stein

I had the pleasure of getting to know Lesli Stein last year, through LVUSD’s monthly meetings of the PFC presidents and the superintendent of schools. Lesli consistently impressed me with her depth of knowledge on a wide range of issues facing students and educators in our district. From her 12 years of active involvement at all levels of the district, […]

A candidate with good ideas

I worked for several years under Lesli Stein while she was president of the Agoura High School Parent Faculty Club. I have never known anyone who is capable of getting things done like she can. If she doesn’t have information about an issue, she’ll investigate and get back to you. If an issue faces opposition, Leslie is able to have […]

Vote for Stein

In regards to the upcoming Nov. 3 election for the LVUSD School Board, here is my “in six words” essay: Leslie Stein. Best candidate. Smart vote. James E. Rosenberg Westlake Village