Calabasas sewer lines not needed

Some at the city of Calabasas are intent on spending upwards of $2 million of taxpayer money to extend over 6,000 lineal foot of sewers to serve under three dozen homes in the semi-rural Old Topanga neighborhood. At a Sept. 9 meeting, Councilman Groveman appeared at times to bully his fellow council members into believing septic systems are a key […]

School buses miss the boat

Why is it that parents who are paying $650 per student to use school buses are being penalized? Calabasas High School students are being penalized for riding the bus which is a benefit to the high school and helps mitigate the Calabasas traffic nightmare. The school district, without informing or consulting with parents, has decided to hold back school buses […]

Campus raffles not for everyone

I try never to call the school and complain. This time I must complain about our school’s gift wrap fundraiser. Many parents feel that it is inappropriate to use any school time to promote this. My 7-year-old daughter wants to be a part of the raffle and she wants to participate. She will not be able to join in on […]

Read it and weep

I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the recent letters concerning the healthcare bill now being debated in congress and everywhere else were written by Acorn readers who are relying on “information” culled from the cable channels Fox, CNN and MSNBC. These are not news organizations. They are opinion organizations at best. Preaching to their respective choirs is how […]

The president’s message to kids was positive

Although I am no fan of the Obama administration, I was aghast to learn that my son’s fourthgrade class at Willow Elementary did not hear the president’s address to students. This brazen political censorship was allegedly due to complaints from parents who evidently felt that the government should stay out of public schools. But on what basis did the Las Virgenes Unified […]