Students and Stars unite

WENDY PIERRO/Acorn Newspapers ROCK ‘N’ ROLLERS FOR EDUCATION—The Calabasas High School group Unstrumental performs with Tommy Shaw of Styx fame and the band Venice on Feb. 27 at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Fred Kavli Theatre. The Benefit the Arts concert was presented by the Artists for the Arts Foundation and the Las Virgenes Educational Foundation, and included performances […]

Calabasas incumbents make it a clean sweep

Voters reelect Wolfson, Maurer and Bozajian

  Unlike four years ago when two incumbents were voted out of office in the biggest turnover in Calabasas City Council history, Tuesday’s city election saw James Bozajian, Mary Sue Maurer and Jonathon Wolfson earn a strong vote of confidence from the residents and permission to return to office for four more years. With few issues on which to attack […]

Athletes suspended for hazing new players

Eight players on the Calabasas High School varsity baseball team were suspended Monday for taking part in a hazing incident involving new team members. The suspension lasts five games. The hazing was directed toward eight new members of the team. Dan Stepenosky, assistant superintendent of personnel at Las Virgenes Unified School District, said the incident did not occur at school […]

These are the building blocks of education

CLEARING THE WAY FOR NEW CLASSROOMS—Right, Lindero Canyon Middle School Principal Ron Kaiser speaks on Feb. 28 during a demolition ceremony marking the start of heavy construction at the Agoura Hills school. When students from adjacent Yerba Buena Elementary School moved to a new campus last year, Lindero took over the YB campus and began renovating some buildings and constructing […]

Kids find perverse pleasure in swastikas

Hate symbol found in Agoura Hills and T.O.

A swastika drawn in red crayon was found on the sidewalk in front of the home belonging to a Jewish family on Eagleton Drive in Agoura Hills. The incident was reported to the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on Feb. 27. “It was the first thing my husband saw in the morning,” homeowner Ruth Amran said regarding the 8-inch swastika, which […]

Sheriff’s deputy found dead

Ventura County Sheriff ‘s Dep. Michael Murray was found dead on the morning of Sat., Feb. 28 inside his Agoura Hills home by deputies who were checking into his well-being after he failed to report to work. The Los Angeles County Sheriff ‘s Department and Coroner’s Office are investigating the death. The sheriff’s department said in statement that Murray’s death […]

Time to spring it forward

Daylight-saving time returns at 2 a.m. Sun., March 8 and will remain in effect until Sun., Nov. 1. The extra hour of daylight in the evening provides more opportunities for leisure time activities. Others say it also saves energy. Clocks “spring forward” in March and “fall back” in autumn. Many people find it easier to just turn their clocks and […]

Calleguas repairing defective Oak Park pipes

The Calleguas Municipal Water District is continuing work to fortify a 16-inch diameter pipeline that delivers recycled water to Oak Park. In recent years the pipeline ruptured at various locations along Kanan Road. According to a water district analysis, the breaks resulted from faulty pipe materials. Calleguas will repair approximately 7,000 feet of pipe along Kanan Road from a point […]

Oak Park considers mandatory water conservation

Oak Park officials discussed a plan that would require businesses and residents to cut their water use by 15 percent or be fined. The conservation plan is being developed by the Triunfo Sanitation District and is expected to be put into place by summer, officials said. Triunfo administers the Oak Park Water Service, whose actual supplies come from the Calleguas […]

School drug use still rampant, study shows

Nearly 14,000 students from 115 public middle and high schools in California have tried drugs or alcohol, according to a 2007-08 student survey conducted by the state. The figures and others were presented by John George, special agent in charge of the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement who spoke recently to Oak Park High School students, parents […]