Kids love their creepy crawlers

LITTLE PALS—Above, 5year-old Natalie Chung makes friends with a tree frog while 4-year-old Marcus Haddad and his father, right, examine an iguana and a skink during a presentation by the “Wizard Lizard” on Feb. 18 at the Calabasas Library. The nature program was sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the city of Calabasas. WENDY PIERRO/Acorn Newspapers

Mandatory conservation to begin

Water supplies still dwindling

Beginning March 4, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District will impose mandatory water conservation measures that will carry penalties for customers who don’t comply. California’s prolonged drought, combined with recent court decisions to restrict water flow from the north to save endangered fish species—and the public’s weak response to the district’s plea for voluntary water conservation over the past year— […]

Schools delete cyber-bullying

New law cracks down on nasty Internet users

Everyone knows that kids can be cruel. Bullies have always been a threat on playgrounds and in cafeterias, but the advancement of technology has made it even easier for them to deliver their hateful, embarrassing or threatening comments against fellow students. A nasty blog or compromising photograph can be posted on the Internet within minutes. School officials used to have […]

Follow the leader

Westlake takes steps toward pedestrian and bicycle safety

Officials in Westlake Village say they have a plan to make city streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. The city’s public safety committee identified several problem areas, including pedestrians walking or jogging in bike lanes when sidewalks are available, causing cyclists to veer into traffic lanes. Another concern involves pedestrians who walk or run with their backs to the traffic […]

What’s up with that?

Lindero cellphone tower put on hold

RF waves present an 'invisible form of pollution'

After hearing from 11 citizens on Feb. 5, the Agoura Hills Planning Commission postponed a decision about whether to place a cell tower at Lindero Canyon Middle School. The public hearing was continued to March 5. Representatives from Omnipoint Communication Inc., the agent for cellphone provider TMobile, has requested permission to build a cell tower near the center of the […]

Mushroom man pleads not guilty

A Westlake Village man charged with selling hallucinogenic mushrooms that led to a teenager’s death in 2004 pleaded not guilty last week at U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. Stephen Roman was indicted by a federal grand jury last month on charges that he sold hallucinogenic mushrooms to a group of young people at a Thousand Oaks apartment. Newbury Park […]

Water tour this Saturday

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District and Triunfo Sanitation District will offer a free tour of the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility and the Rancho Las Virgenes Composting Facility, rain or shine, from 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sat., Feb. 28. A complimentary continental breakfast and light lunch will be served The tour will show the methods and facilities used to […]

Chamber launches ‘Shop Agoura’ campaign