Just like old times at Leonis Adobe

Western wear and salsa dancing—and the cutting of Ray Phillips’ birthday cake—were the highlight of the evening on Sat., Aug. 16 at the Leonis Adobe museum next to Old Town Calabasas. Phillips was president of the Leonis Adobe Association for 40 years and was credited with helping to restore the 160-year-old adobe ranch house to near original condition. The association […]

Herner Provides an Education on How to Plan for College

Jason Herner, president of National College Planners, specializes in helping families navigate the process of college planning. From the early stages of college selection to the last hurdle of developing methods to finance higher education, NCP provides a comprehensive service to address every family’s needs and concerns. NCP has worked with hundreds of local families to plan, apply and pay […]

Foreclosures force families to leave pets

'It is painful to watch the faces of these people leaving their pets after having them as part of their families for years.' — Jolene Hofman, Shelter Director

The home foreclosure crisis has affected The Humane Society of Ventura County shelter in Ojai. Families losing their homes and moving into rental properties must leave their pets behind and are turning to the Humane Society Shelter to take dogs and cats and put them up for adoption. Since it is a nokill shelter, many want to be sure their […]

Keyboard shuffle

MUSICAL PIANOS—Agoura Hills resident and piano teacher Carol Arias, upper left, directs her students in a “tag team” piano performance at Knauer’s Piano Store in Agoura recently. More than 35 students, ranging in age from 5 to 50, divided into teams to perform their songs in a team fashion. Three pianos were used at once. “Musically, they all grew. It […]

Help wanted

Recently I went to a “job fair” at the Los Angeles convention center. I am not to proud to admit that I had some level of excitement of being interviewed for immediate open positions by those that do the hiring. So I put on my dry-cleaning-required suit and drove my V8 truck to downtown Los Angeles in 105 degree heat […]

Jones joins hospice board of directors

George A. Jones has joined the board of directors for the Hospice of the Conejo. Jones is a certified senior advisor and owner of the local Home Helpers office. He has been employed with General Motors Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Securities, and is a consultant to Jones Wall Street which he founded in 1995. He also serves on the board […]

Tankless Water Heaters Save

When local plumbing contractor Roy Madigan and his wife Christina launched their specialized plumbing business last year, they had no idea how timely their idea was. Though he had more than 25 years of general plumbing experience, Roy Madigan was impressed with the technology of tankless hot water heaters, which only provide hot water as needed. Tankless heaters are widely-used […]

Let us hear your ‘tails’

The Acorn invites you to send your favorite pet story for publication on the Critter Corner page. We love our pets and want to give them the recognition they deserve. Send your pet story to: The Acorn, 30423 Canwood St., Ste. 108, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; e-mail your story to newstip@theacorn.com, or fax us at (818) 706-8942.

Stay cool when driving in hot weather

With the hot weather continuing, can overheated cars and tempers be far behind? Each summer more than 7 million cars break down on the road, but most breakdowns could be easily avoided. •Before heading out, be sure to check out the basics, including oil, transmission fluid, windshield washer, battery level and strength, tire pressure (including the spare), belts and hoses, […]

No free ride for students

Vacations are over, kids are almost back in school and it’ll be Halloween before you know it, then Thanksgiving. Wasn’t it just graduation? The end of summer is bittersweet, but a relief to some parents, especially those with younger children who have been underfoot since June, whining about nothing to do. Nobody wants to admit it, but schools serve as […]