School developers not hearing local concerns

The Feb. 1 article on Heschel School’s bullying of our community paints a misleading picture. Jeff Woodcock of Oaks Christian School says we need more “faith-based education.” Where have we heard that before; but wait, isn’t he from Westlake Village? I notice his campus doesn’t encroach on residential neighborhoods. Mary Sue Maurer testified that there was no need for “public […]

Cielo Wolff

The Dilbeck Realtor team of professionals has welcomed Cielo Wolff to their Westlake Village office. Though Wolff is able to cover all of Southern California, her main area of concentration is the Conejo Valley. Wolff has lived in the Ventura, Camarillo and Thousand Oaks areas for the past five years. She is a member of the Westlake Village Chamber of […]