Oak Park says ‘no city, no problem’

Incorporation remains unlikely

With scenic vistas, ample park land, a nationally recognized school district and million dollar homes, Oak Park definitely seems to have it all. Yet still, something is missing. There is no charter or government. And there is no city. The woodsy name “Oak Park” seems to imply there is a town somewhere here, but Oak Park is an unincorporated collection […]

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Water and sewer costs both escalate

Customer fees will follow

Rising water and sanitation costs at the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) could prompt further price hikes next year. The LVMWD board of directors is already considering a staff recommendation to raise sanitation fees by $1.50 per month starting in July, but if belttightening measures don’t close the widening gap between income and expenses, other rate increases may follow, […]

Agoura Hills to renegotiate school funds

The Las Virgenes Unified School District will receive a $200,000 contribution next year from the city of Agoura Hills, officials announced last week. The school district has been the recipient of redevelopment agency (RDA) funds for eight years and city and school officials are trying to loosen the restrictions on how the money is spent. This year’s school allocation amounts […]

Politics and pleasure

SOUND OFF-Hannah Finders, right, a member of the Concert Orchestra at Lindero Canyon Middle School, plays the acoustic bass during the school’s 2006 Finale Concert last week. While at the show, Lindero Principal Ron Kaiser, below, takes the opportunity to promote the Measure G school bond in Tuesday’s election.

Consultant called in

With the possibility of higher sanitation and water rates on the horizon, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District is looking for advice on how to keep costs under control. The district wants to hire a consultant to study the water and sewer rates and various finance options. The board is considering raising sanitation fees by 5 percent. “This external expert […]

Parks wants second term

Linda Parks remembers being on the public’s side of the dais, but Ventura County’s 2nd District supervisor much prefers sitting on the dais. Parks, 49, hopes to retain her seat on the dais for a second term. “I’m excited to be able to be in a position to effect positive change rather than asking for an issue to be considered,” […]

Gibson challenges for supervisor

Joe Gibson calls himself a unity builder. The candidate for Ventura County Supervisor 2nd District believes in dialogue when difficult issues arise, something he says will serve him well if he’s elected on June 6. “Don’t tell me it says we can’t do it,” Gibson said. “Let’s find ways to do things.” This is not the first time Gibson, 51, […]

Pretty to see, but the ‘stinking sumac’ is a pest

Robert Evren may think the Ailanthus altissima trees that proliferate on the parkland property next to his Old Agoura home are beautiful, but he knows looks can be deceiving. Evren recently paid a crew $500 to remove several of the trees from Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area parkland adjacent to his property. Names can also be deceiving. Though the […]

Legislator loves nature