The residents haven’t spoken

I don’t believe I have ever been more upset than when I read the “Guest Opinion” by Jim Bruno in Jan. 26 Acorn. For him to use phrases like “the jury of public opinion delivered its final verdict” or “what I heard from the voice of democracy” or better yet, “[t]he people have spoken. . .” flies in the face […]

The Ovdat “Action” Team

The Ovdat “Action” Team, consisting of Bev, Saul and Tami, were highly commended by Jay and Roy Belson, the president and vice president of the Re/Max OTB Estates seven office chain, for their outstanding production in 2005. They garnered the No. 1 top sales team position in the Re/Max Agoura/Oak Park office. The Ovdats have been top achievers in residential […]