Diantha Shaffer

Local Oak Park area specialist, Diantha Shaffer of Troop Real Estate recently filmed a special TV commercial for Troop.com TV, featuring her newest Oak Park listing. Troop Real Estate has teamed with Bragg Media to produce a monthly television segment featuring Ventura County homes for sale. The show airs over 20 times per month on cable and network television and […]

Remembering the gentleman

It took a battle with cancer— and ultimately death—to finally move Frank Farmer out of Old Town Calabasas. A resident of the area since the 1920s, Farmer passed away on Aug. 3 at the age of 81. He and his wife Betty-Jeanne had lived in the same house longer than anyone can remember. “Where would I go?” Frank used to […]

Parents need to focus on vision as a key to learning

According to health experts, certain types of vision problems can undermine even the brightest student’s ability to succeed in school. Unfortunately, children with vision problems are often misdiagnosed as being lazy, or having learning disabilities, dyslexia, and even attention deficient disorder. As a result, many students are unnecessarily prescribed drugs for attention problems or placed in resource rooms where they […]

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Calabasas unkind toward renters

I was appalled by Paul Hustad’s letter in the July 28 Acorn. While I respect his opinion about rent control, as I hardly support such control myself, I was more than offended by his suggestion and ultimate conclusion for the “poor renters” to simply “move to a community where they can (afford the rent)” because Calabasas is a “small-scale, upper-income […]

Teri Pacitto

Teri Pacitto, an estates director at Paramount Rodeo Realty has been congratulated by broker/president Syd Leibovitch for her recent production of over $4.5 million in the past 30 days. Year-to-date she has sold over $15 million worth of real estate. Pacitto is a President Elite club member at Paramount Rodeo, a designation given to agents whose sales production place them […]