Talented Lindero kids rock the house

Lowe’s strategy takes shape

By Daniel Wolowicz danielw@theacorn.com The opposing sides in the Lowe’s retail debate are trying to enlist support within the Westlake Village community as conflict over the big box store looms. With stakes high, activists both for and against the home improvement chain are targeting homeowner associations, neighborhood organizations and private citizens. Lowe’s filed an application with the city in November […]

Soka property purchased

By Stephanie Bertholdo bertholdo@theacorn.com It’s final. After a decades-long pursuit to buy Soka University and save it as permanent open space, officials announced last Friday that the $35 million acquisition had closed escrow. The 588-acre property, which is off Mulholland Highway just east of Las Virgenes Road, was sold by Soka University of America, a Japanese liberal arts college, to […]

School program drives home dangers of DUI

School program drives home dangers of DUI By Stephanie Bertholdo bertholdo@theacorn.com "Every 15 minutes someone is either seriously injured or killed in an alcohol-related automobile accident . . . Today I died," said student after student in letters to their parents at last week’s mock memorial service at Agoura High School following a powerful two-day simulation of the grim realities […]

Officials target canyon racers

By Daniel Wolowicz Danielw@theacorn.com The markings are unmistakable. Burnt tire tracks crisscrossing the Mulholland Highway blacktop, the telltale signs of street racers who use the secluded canyon roads between Malibu and Calabasas as their personal racetrack. At a news conference held last week on a scenic, but serpentine stretch of the highway, the California Highway Patrol announced the start of […]

Heart in the right place

According to a Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department report, a vandal shattered a window at A.C. Stelle Middle School on Mulholland Highway in Calabasas, but the person left a note, in a child-like handwriting, indicating they were playing midnight baseball and a ball hit the window. The note said they going to try to get the money to replace the window […]

Landslide disrupts L.V. road

Landslide disrupts L.V. road The recent winter storms caused a landslide on Las Virgenes Road near the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District headquarters in Calabasas. Although damage repairs took only one day, concerns remain about the slope’s instability, said Elaine Camia, Calabasas project engineer. The soggy hill continues to shift, Camia said. The unstable hill is located on the east […]

Cooking up something for Passover


Calabasas City Council Member James Bozajian said he hoped to write a more "extensive" version of the Citizens’ Guide to Calabasas, not "expensive." The book, which Bozajian first authored, is distributed free throughout the city.

Oak Park seeks new council members

By Daniel Wolowicz danielw@theacorn.com The April 26 deadline for citizens to apply for the two available seats on the Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council is less than a week away. The vacancies arose following the recent death of longtime MAC member Kent Behringer and the departure of MAC member David Chatfield, who moved out of Oak Park. To be eligible, […]