‘Annie’ coming to T.O.

‘Annie’ coming to T.O. Cabrillo Music Theatre kicks off its 2004/05 season at the Civic Arts Plaza with "Annie," on stage from Fri., Oct. 29 through Sun., Nov. 7. This hit musical, based on the Harold Gray comic strip, revolves around an 11-year-old orphan who longs for her parents to return. Annie will be played by Brooke Bauersfeld, a seventh-grade […]

Just Slightly Deluded

Why is there raccoon poop on my roof? For that matter, why are there peanuts on my roof? Other folks just report a scattering of pine needles. I’ve got the aforementioned plus six mega-sized trash barrels full of oak tree sheddings, one dead woodpecker, a stale hunk of French bread and utterly unromantic clumps of mistletoe dropped by overhanging sycamores. […]