Emergency response teams conduct drill in Westlake Village

By Lori Porter porter@theacorn.com Members of the Westlake Village Disaster Response Team and the Calabasas/Malibu Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) participated in a practice drill last Saturday in the upper parking lot of Westlake Village City Hall. A simulated bus accident created a scenario in which victims were injured or killed. The exercise was led by CERT instructor Stacy Gerlich […]

Independent study treated as school

By Lori Porter porter@theacorn.com Oak Park Unified School District board members approved a resolution last week to recognize the Oak Park Independent Study Program (ISP) as a separate school. The move will enable greater accuracy in measuring student progress, officials said, and in capturing more state revenue. The district’s homeschooling program was established in 2000 with just six students. During […]

Technology enables small business success

By Frank Muehleman Small businesses account for 99 percent of all businesses, employ more than half of the American workforce, and create two-thirds of the net new jobs. And greater use of technology has enabled thousands of small businesses to take advantage of market opportunities previously unavailable. Often operating on tight budgets and slim margins, many small enterprises are increasingly […]

Teen work experience must be safe

Every year millions of teens work in part-time or summer jobs. Early work experiences can be rewarding for young workers, providing great opportunities to learn important skills. However, the jobs that teens are hired to do should not jeopardize their health or well-being. Under the leadership of Secretary Elaine L. Chao, the U.S. Department of Labor launched the YouthRules! initiative. […]

Lake Lindero critic wouldn’t make it as a CPA

In follow-up to the two letters printed in response to Ignacio "John" Serra, Jr.’s letter (June 3 of The Acorn) we would like to add the following concerning his statement that last year 84.1 percent of the Lake Lindero Home-owners Association budget of $413,513 was used to maintain the lake. We would suggest that Mr. Serra reread his copy of […]

Calabasas High School baseball stadium hotly debated in LVUSD

By Stephanie Bertholdo bertholdo@theacorn.com At last week’s Las Virgenes Unified School District Board of Education meeting, Calabasas residents came out en masse to either support or criticize a proposed baseball stadium at Calabasas High School (CHS). The proposal was approved conceptually despite the opposition. Bret Saberhagen, a former professional baseball player who was named the 1985 World Series MVP, is […]

Conservancy has new website

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has a new informational website. It’s at www.lamountains.com. The California Legislature established the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in 1980. Since that time, the organization has helped preserve more than 55,000 acres of parkland in the wilderness and urban settings, and it’s improved more than 114 public recreational facilities in Southern California. According to the new […]

Westlake architects awarded Pierce project

Westlake architects awarded Pierce project Amador Whittle Architects (based in Westlake Village) is providing architectural and engineering services for restroom facilities at Pierce College. The project is part of the Los Angeles Community College District’s $2 billion building program, funded by Propositions A and AA, to transform nine community colleges into state-of-the-art educational campuses through new construction, modernization and renovation. […]

Don’t bust the budget on family gatherings

Family gatherings come in all shapes and sizes. And while every event has its own planning requirements, there are some basic tips you can use for any type and size of gathering that will alleviate your stress without breaking the budget. •Get the word out in a unique way. Use photos, write a jingle, or mail the invitations in a […]

Public parks have rules

Public parks have rules TheAgoura Hills Department of Community Services is reminding residents of the following park rules: All city of Agoura Hills parks are open from 7 a.m. to sunset. The only parts of the park that can be reserved are ball fields and equestrian arenas. It’s first-come, first-served for other areas. Certain events need special permits from the […]