Register and vote

One of the most important acts a United States citizen can do is vote. The presidential election of 2000 came down to 537 votes, meaning one active citizen with a few phone calls and a few e-mails can change the world. Some elections are not that exciting, and voting for deputy assistant dog catcher is not a high priority for […]

Used books sell in Calabasas

Red Oak raises some greenbacks

East completes All-Star sweep with 7-1 victory

By Steve Ames Special to the Acorn Players, coaches and fans alike—especially those whose allegiance was to the East team—enjoyed an afternoon of baseball Sunday at Oxnard College’s Condor Field. After the East defeated the West team, 7-1, in the Jim Parker Ventura County All-Star Baseball Game, participants enjoyed a few moments to rejoice before heading home to begin their […]

Suggestions offered for bedwetters attending summer camp

Minimizing caffeine before bedtime reduces incidents

Eating burnt marshmallows, learning to canoe or keeping raccoons out of a tent are delightful rites of passage for many children. For the millions of kids who wet the bed, however, the words "summer camp" or "overnight campout" can spell anxiety and fear of being found out. If your child is thinking about forgoing what could be the experience of […]

In praise of teachers

High school graduations were conducted last week, and while much of the spotlight fell upon the students, here’s a plug for the teachers who’ve guided them. In reality, teachers don’t have the worst life in the world. Compared to many jobs in the private sector, the pay is pretty good and the benefits are excellent. Who wouldn’t want a month […]