Boys & Girls Club facility opening soon

Acorn Staff Writer

Boys & Girls Club facility opening soon By Lori Porter Acorn Staff Writer At least 50 percent of families in Conejo Valley/Las Virgenes live in two-income households, according to data gathered from the latest U.S. census. With both parents working, that means that about 20,000 area children go home to empty houses each day after school. They’re called latchkey children. […]

Football all-star game features local talent

By Wayne Harrison Acorn Sports Writer The 5th annual CaliFlorida Bowl, which features the best senior football players from California pitted against the best from Florida, will be played at Moorpark College Friday night at 6 p.m. After four years without a home, the college will be the game’s permanent venue. Local coaches and players who are taking part in […]

Public transit needs work

It is nice to know that we have new council members in Agoura Hills and a Calabasas city manager (Dec. 4 Letters) with declared commitments and programs for the betterment of the area and nearby communities. Being new government officials, they may have time to look into the needs and problems that call for action which past government officials overlooked […]

Planning Commission process explained

By Stephanie Bertholdo Acorn Staff Writer Misconceptions from some Agoura Hills residents regarding the public notification process of planning commission meetings prompted members to explain the procedures and legal responsibilities of various governmental bodies at the Dec. 18 meeting. Four people, three of whom were Agoura Hills residents, expressed concern that the public wasn’t notified in proper time to attend […]

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Quick Take

Quick Take Brett Favre is a stud! The guy played under terribly adverse circumstances in Week 16, just one day after his father died unexpectedly. Farve was a one-man wrecking crew against Oakland and that game speaks volumes to his grit and the obvious respect he enjoys in the NFL. Story of the Week "He" wasn’t faster than a speeding […]

Agoura Hills potential not fully utilized

Agoura Hills potential not fully utilized As a mom who shuttles three kids to and from school, sports and other activities, I would love to trade jobs with any one of the city council members for a week. I am sure their priorities would change. Can they possibly be that clueless? I read in The Acorn about how much the […]

Volunteers needed for local bird count

Volunteers needed for local bird count The Conejo Valley Audubon Society will host its annual Christmas Bird Count on Sun., Jan. 4. Described as a "very important" inventory of birds in the local area, it will form part of a national census that has been conducted by the National Audubon Society for a century. Volunteers of all skill levels are […]


Objects to earlier letters

Objects to earlier letters This is in response to the Dec. 18 Acorn letters from Brett Woodmansee and Raymond Moccia. Woodmansee said, "California needs a million more homes like China needs a million more people." California has a demand for much more housing and, like China, will get additional population whether they like it or not. People come here for […]

Local woman’s miracle strengthens family, inspires poem

By Lori Porter Acorn Staff Writer Oak Park resident Marilyn Gourdeau more than anticipates the New Year. She looks at every new day with intense gratitude like a child opening his or her presents under the Christmas tree. Five years ago, Gourdeau was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called leiomyosarcoma. Leiomyosarcoma is a cancerous tumor of the smooth […]