Take a test before adopting a pet

Many factors should influence
your decision

Many factors should influence your decision If you’re thinking of welcoming a four-legged companion into your home on a long-term basis, you may want to "paws" and take this quiz from The Humane Society of the United States––and see if you’re ready to be a pet’s best friend. For each question, choose the statement that best applies to you, then […]

Porsche 911 GT3

Power, power, power
Acorn Automotive Editor

Power, power, power Acorn Automotive Editor With the first two auto shows of the year behind us, the first trends have appeared and they seem to be the same as we have now. Talk and copy is about saving gas, being green or whatever other name we have for it. But deep down, show a guy a photo of a […]

Despite his disability, Calabasas resident learns to ‘Pay it forward’

Special to The Acorn

The movie "Pay it Forward" revealed that by giving to others, we make the world a far better place to live. That’s why people like Richard Singer of Calabasas are so inspiring. Back in 1985 when he was 27, Singer, a competitive businessman and athlete who enjoyed snow skiing, running and working out, began to notice his knee buckling while […]

For the record

Calabasas City Councilwoman Janice Lee did not suggest an alternative access to New Millennium Homes. She only inquired about it. Ron Stark wasn’t reelected in November to the Oak Park Municipal Advisory Council (MAC). Nobody ran for the office so he was unopposed. When the Ventura County Board of Supervisors appoint members to the MAC (as was the case here), […]

Squirrel of the Month

Pet squirrel writes us a letter
Dear Acorn,

Pet squirrel writes us a letter Dear Acorn, My name is "Orfun Andee" and my mommy saved me when I fell out of my nest and a cat wanted to eat me. My mommy was bigger and she got me instead. I was teenee weenee and she fed me with an eyedropper every hour ‘til I got big like I […]

Attendance down at L.A. Auto Show

Attendance down at L.A. Auto Show Attendance down at L.A. Auto Show Attendance was slightly down at this year’s Greater Los Angeles Auto Show with just over 1 million visitors going through the turnstyles at the Convention Center to see a mixture of concept and new production cars from the world’s auto manufacturers. Automobile companies are developing more new models […]

A story with a happy ending

Lindero students celebrate History Day

By John Loesing Acorn Staff Writer The announcement of what could be the world’s first human clone made big news recently, but raised even bigger questions. As one group of students from Lindero Canyon Middle School pointed out, people involved in scientific cloning have rights and responsibilities that need close scrutiny. Eighth-graders Ben Hoselton, Michael Samuels and Stephen Venardi studied […]


THURS., JAN. 23 Jaycees Host Mixer Conejo Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) host social mixer at 7 p.m. at Cisco’s Mexican Restaurant, 925 Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village. Open to ages 21-40. (805) 501-1111 Anjali Saraf Reservations Due Today is reservation deadline for Agoura/Oak Park/Las Virgenes Chamber of Commerce’s Installation & Business Luncheon featuring special guest Erin Brockovich at 11:30 […]

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