Classic Tucker auto goes on sale locally

Acorn Automotive Editor

Preston Tucker was a car-crazy kid who hung around auto speedways and grew up to create a unique automobile, the Tucker, that was years ahead of its time. He was a man of pioneering spirit, ingenuity and daring, who revolutionized Detroit in the late 1940s with his stunning "Car of Tomorrow." It was streamlined, futuristic and fast. The car every […]

On the Trail

Trails and Tribulations

After 17 years of hiking in the same area, one could presume to have seen everything. No surprises. Just same old, same old. Not quite so, we discovered recently while descending a section of the Backbone Trail accessed from (upper) Latigo Canyon Road that provides access to Castro Peak Motorway. Although the powers that be deem many a narrow, undulating […]

Brighter days ahead for children in the dark world of autism

Acorn Staff Writer

As if raising a child isn’t hard enough, imagine that yours has autism. The child you love will be distant and defiant, have trouble learning to talk, or behave in a manner that seems socially awkward and out of place. About half of the children with autism never speak at all and most need full time care. They might love […]

Life of macadamia

Tips given for tutor selection

Diana Bloomfield, M.Sc., will facilitate a "How to Select a Tutor" workshop from 7 to 7:30 p.m. on Mon., April 29 in the seminar room at Juan de Anza Park, 3701 Lost Hills Road, Calabasas Hills. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to assess their strengths and needs, as well as understand the many criteria essential for hiring the […]

Sign up Saturday for football, cheerleading

Youth Football and Cheerleading Association, Eagle members are challenged to learn and improve both physically and in character each year and to prepare for college com-petition and beyond. Eagle coaches encourage and recognize academic achieve-ment and as a result, 35 participants last year had a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) and 132 participants had at least a 3.0 GPA. For […]

Ahmanson to serve the wealthy

I strongly disagree with Mr. Gersten’s letter (April 4 Acorn), "Traffic alone is no reason to stonewall new development." Sure, increased bus service and car pool lanes would help the situation somewhat. But we are talking an estimated 40,000 car trips daily from Ahmanson Ranch. And to date, no meaningful traffic mitigation has been offered by the developers. This massive […]

The only sure way to make Ahmanson go away: Buy it

The only sure way to make Ahmanson go away: Buy it Today, people love to hate Ahmanson Ranch. It was a small but vocal crowd, principally Save Open Space, that shot hard and fast from the very beginning. They made a lot of noise back in the early 1990s, but didn’t seem to have overwhelming support in their fight against […]

Autism facts

First described by a Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943, autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities among young people today. The condition is four times more prevalent in boys than girls. Although autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors, children and adults can exhibit any combination of the behaviors in any degree of severity. There are […]

Serving in Uniform

Marine Corps Pvt. Fredy J. Argueta, son of Dinora D. Argueta of Thousand Oaks, recently completed basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. Argueta is a 2000 graduate of Westlake High School. Marine Corps Pfc. Stephanie S. Kinzel, daughter of Sue A. Rayburn of Huntington Beach and Robert F. Kinzel of Thousand Oaks, recently completed basic training at […]