We like hotels––as long as they’re not blocking the scenery

We like hotels––as long as they’re not blocking the scenery We can’t blame the Westlake Village City Council for smiling over the possibility of a new hotel in Westlake. City governments love hotels and motels because they generate extra revenue through bed taxes. In simple terms, a special fee is tacked onto the cost of renting a room. The money […]

Refkin-Stevenson engagement

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Refkin of Agoura Hills have announced the engagement of their daughter, Lisa, to Christopher Stevenson. Lisa, a 1996 graduate of Agoura High School, graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a degree in English and is currently completing her second year at the University of San Francisco School of Law. Christopher, son of Jessica […]

Squirrel of the Month

Family services offering classes on parenting

Interface Children Family Services offer a low-cost 10-week series of Positive Parenting classes focusing on peaceful parenting, saying "no" with love, building children’s self-esteem, effective communication, and developing cooperation and family rules. Volunteers are thoroughly screened and trained. For more information, call the manager of volunteer services at (805) 485-6114, ext. 612.

Basketball camp invites future hoops’ stars

Final applications are currently being evaluated for the Ten Star All Star summer basketball camp. The camp is by invitation only. Boys and girls ages 10 to 19 are eligible to apply. College basketball scholarships are possible for players selected to the All-American Team. There’s a camp location in Thousand Oaks. For a free brochure, please call (704) 568-6801.

Sheriff’s blotter Agoura Hills

Sheriff’s blotter Agoura Hills Two "go-peds" valued at $700 each and one valued at $600 were stolen March 11 from the Toy Broker in Agoura Hills, a business in the 28700 block of Canwood Street. Deputies reported unknown suspect(s) also committed $300 worth of damage to a locked trailer located next to the business. Thieves stole a $2,000 computer from […]

Driving the new BMW 7 Series

Acorn Automotive Editor

So I’m sitting in the driver’s seat of the new BMW 7 series and remembering what first struck me. Okay, let’s get over the fact that there is no gear shift or transmission lever as we know it. There is no parking break lever or pedal. The key doesn’t look like a key, it’s more like a TV remote and […]