Historical anniversary celebrated MICHAEL COONS/The Acorn

Historical anniversary celebrated MICHAEL COONS/The Acorn PURIFICATION––Native American Little Bear Bailey, right, performs a sage ceremony on Calabasas City Councilman Dennis Washburn to ward off negative spirits. The ritual took place on Saturday at Juan Bautista de Anza Park in Calabasas marking the 226th anniversary of De Anza’s expedition that passed through this area. The De Anza Expedition trekked from […]

Measure H passes

Acorn Staff Writer

Measure H passes Measure H, the anti-big box referendum aimed at stopping Home Depot, won a narrow victory Tuesday in Agoura Hills. The ballot measure seeking to limit retail stores to 60,000 square feet passed by 120 votes in one of the largest election day turnouts in city history. Several absentee and provisional ballots remain to be counted, according to […]

Parents’ night out

Some public officials worry about prayers at city council meetings

Acorn Staff Writer

Some public officials worry about prayers at city council meetings The city of Westlake Village held a goal session meeting that included a call for the reinstatement of prayer at city council meetings. Agoura Hills already has prayer to begin its council meetings, but Burbank has been taken to court over a similar policy. Agoura Hills Mayor Denis Weber reinstated […]

Plans for Kanan Road interchange with 101 Freeway modified by Caltrans

Acorn Staff Writer

The Kanan Road/101 Freeway interchange in Agoura Hills must undergo several major design changes before it can be approved by the California Department of Transportation, city officials said last week. Caltrans advised city officials the $21 million project failed to meet certain design standards the department enacted last year. The changes mainly affect the on and off ramps that are […]

Local church wins awards

Acorn Staff Writer

Considered a work of art by some, St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church in the Westlake Village portion of Thousand Oaks was recently honored for its beauty. A.C. Martin and Partners, the architectural firm that designed St. Maximilian, received an annually presented Honor Award by the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for its design and appearance. […]

Westlake Village may consider luxury hotel

Acorn Staff Writer

The city of Westlake Village is considering a first-class hotel and spa project that would be located on property adjacent the entrance of the Dole Foods building on Dole Drive. Castle and Cook, an architectural firm and an affiliate with Dole, proposed the project last month to the city’s land use committee. The concept reportedly was well received. For years, […]

Reports of bad driving by teenagers surge as STTOP picks up the pace

Acorn Staff Writer

More and more residents have responded to STTOP (Sheriff’s Teen Traffic Offender Program) and the streets of Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village and Hidden Hills are becoming safer as a result, according to a local peace officer. After recent vehicle fatalities and word of mouth about STTOP, the L. A. County program’s coordinator Dep. Mike Woodard has gotten busier. STTOP, […]

Chromium 6––as a public health goal––is revoked

The movie "Erin Brockovich" drew attention to Chromium 6 and aroused concern about its possible effects as a water contaminant. When a study showed a potential link between consumption of Chromium 6 in water and occurrence of cancer in laboratory mice, California’s Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) established a Public Health Goal (PHG) of 2.5 parts per billion (ppb) for chromium […]

Parts per million, billion, trillion explained in simple terms

Your water is tested extensively to ensure it is safe. Water quality is usually reported in parts per million, billion or trillion. What does this mean in terms we can understand? • Parts per million (ppm) You clean a 10-gallon fish tank and 1 drop splashes out. You stock up with 10,000 boxes of tissues, each with 200 sheets. You […]