Local firm defies the trends

Acorn Staff Writer

A recent posting on the Yahoo message boards summed up the feelings of one investor concerning not only ValueClick, an online advertising and marketing company, but technology survivors in general: "Pretty much a bottom here. Tons of cash. Slowly growing revenues. Not setting the world on fire, but probably breaking even in a quarter or two. The Internet isn’t going […]

Tips offered for upcoming holiday cooking

Tips offered for upcoming holiday cooking Whether enjoying roasted turkey with a glass of cranberry punch or pumpkin pie with a cup of eggnog, holiday meals are a wonderful time for families to come together to celebrate the season. However, for many families, preparing a memorable holiday meal can be a stressful experience, especially when the kids are home from […]

Family dinners are alive and well

A nationwide survey confirms the family dinner is alive and well-in fact, 80 percent of families surveyed reported eating dinner together at least five times each week. However, for three out of four American families, the focus is likely to be on the television rather than talking to each other. As many Americans would likely agree, it’s important now more […]

Tips on removing holiday food stains

It won’t take a detective to tell what the family feasted on this holiday season. Take one look at Grandma’s heirloom tablecloth: red wine, turkey, dressing with gravy, cranberries, broccoli with cheese sauce, pie and coffee. And the linen napkins feature the latest shades in lipstick. Ask any hostess what the down side of holiday entertaining is, and she’s sure […]

If you didn’t change batteries with the time change, do it now

The Ventura County Fire Department is reminding residents to change the batteries in their smoke alarms on an annual basis. An average of three children a day die in home fires and 80 percent of those occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Non-working smoke alarms rob residents of the protective benefits home fire safety devices were designed to provide. […]

Here are Creative, Inexpensive Gift Ideas

If you’re out of inexpensive ideas for holiday gifts, try this one. Create your own books on tape for friends and family. That’s what the Anderson family of Brighton, Colo. does. They check out children’s books from the public library and assign a part or sound effect to each family member. Their only expense is the cost of the cassette […]

This Item Can Keep Baby Warm

This Item Can Keep Baby Warm As the mother of two young children, Kim Brody was always concerned about the possibility of one of her babies kicking off a blanket at night and getting cold, and about potential disruptions to an infant’s sleep during a 3 a.m. diapering. Now as the founder of Babycakes International, Brody has developed the "Warm-n-Toasty" […]

New Education Center Opens in Thousand Oaks

New Education Center Opens in Thousand Oaks Sophie’s Education Center offers education supplies, workshops, special events, customized gifts and books, individualized tutoring and group homework sessions. Owner Sophie Brown was Parent-Faculty Club president for two years at White Oak Elementary School, and regional district manager and camp director for the Girl Scouts for more than five years. She’s also been […]

Get the Holiday Lighting that Passersby Will Adore

Get the Holiday Lighting that Passersby Will Adore Northstar Christmas Lighting is entering its seventh year in the Christmas lighting industry. To cover more area and serve a broader clientele, the company has franchised, and now Northstar offers their services in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Serving the commercial and residential community, Northstar’s tasks vary widely, including decorating a nearly […]

Seminar offers tax info

A free SCORE (Senior Corps of Retired Executives) seminar on Sat., Nov. 17 at Oxnard College will provide tax information and government regulations. Representatives from the following agencies will be present: Internal Revenue Service (discussion topic: Schedule C preparation and self-employment taxes); California Employment Development Department (employee vs. independent contractor); California Department of Labor Relations (latest labor laws); and California […]