Church will get a new home in Westlake Village

Acorn Staff Writer

Rivers Community Church is getting a new home. It previously shared facilities to conduct services and was recently approved for a new location at 5740 Corsa Avenue in Westlake Village. Rivers Community will occupy units 102 and 104 of the building which will accommodate a sanctuary, offices and classrooms. It will occupy 5,250 square feet. Rivers Community began conducting worship […]

Counselors needed to help victims

The Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence is seeking dedicated individuals to provide support and advocacy for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in East Ventura County. The fall volunteer training session will be held Sept. 10 to Oct. 27, with sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Saturdays, in Simi Valley. For an application packet, […]

A father’s life with baby, simplified into an easy-to-use book

Joe Woodward

The early days of parenthood are committed almost entirely to the bonding between mother and child. A dad’s role is to do everything possible to make that successful. As mom and baby begin to bond, dad’s time and attention usually turn to housework, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, fending off well-meaning visitors and returning the wrong-size diapers you bought at the […]

Lions anticipate move to varsity level; but oldest players will only be juniors

Lions anticipate move to varsity level; but oldest players will only be juniors By Wayne Harrison Acorn Sports Writer The Oaks Christian (OCHS) football team, with Bill Redell back for his second year as head coach, hosted a summer passing tournament recently at Thorson field on the Oaks Christian campus in Westlake Village. "We’re coming along well," said Aaron Ware, […]

Water company does reward conservation

Tongue-lashing the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) may be jolly good sport, but the editor of a respected newspaper would be expected to be in command of all pertinent information before doing so. The editorial of June 28 states, I quote, "Why is the (LVMWD) district rewarding consumption, not conservation?" The suggestion that the district rewards consumption could not […]

Aerial attack

‘Three yards and a cloud of dust?’ Not this fall at Calabasas High -Page 32

Local resident directs play at Taper

Imagine life with a disability. Imagine having to use a ramp to enter a building, or needing special equipment just for day-to-day living. Imagine the looks and stares every time you go out. Now, imagine life with a disability 100 years ago. American Randolph Bourne lived in an age of transition in the history of disabled people. Since ancient times, […]

Realtors elect officers, directors

The Conejo Valley Association of Realtors (CVAR) recently conducted an election of new officers and directors for 2002. Geoff Baker will be installed as president at the Dec. 7 annual installation luncheon at Westlake Inn. Having served as president-elect for 2001, Baker’s progression to president is automatic per CVAR bylaws. Baker earned a bachelor’s in metallurgical engineering from Clemson University […]

For the record

For the record A photo two week’s ago in the June 28 edition of The Acorn of Oak Park basketball coach Lindsay Strothers and player Michelle Bregar was shot by Michael Coons, an Acorn photographer. Another photograph of Calabasas softball player Kelly Wolfe was taken by Adam Davis, also a photographer for the paper.

Developers save the most on water

The Acorn editorial opinion of June 28 said it well with regard to the district rewarding consumption, not conservation. The three directors who are responsible for this calamity were voted in by members of the public who succumbed to the slick marketing brochures financed by Brian Boudreau and his ilk. Now Boudreau is benefiting from his lower water rates while […]