Westlake Village rings El Camino Real Bell CHUCK ROGERS/The Acorn

Westlake Village rings El Camino Real Bell CHUCK ROGERS/The Acorn DEDICATION CEREMONY––Former Westlake Village mayor and incumbent City Councilwoman Betty De Santis, left center, addresses members of the Westlake Women’s Club and First Neighborhood Homeowners’ Association at ceremonies dedicating the installation of a replica El Camino Real Bell. The site depicted is being called "Freedom Square," a designation given to […]

Council goes mum over early debate on Home Depot

Acorn Staff Writer

The Agoura Hills City Council turned down a proposal last week by City Councilman Dan Kuperberg that would begin public debate on the construction of "big box" retail stores in the city. Kuperberg said discussions could lead to a referendum in November that would give the public a say about the new Home Depot store on Agoura Road. Strong public […]

Condition of U.S. flag irritates WW II vet

Condition of U.S. flag irritates WW II vet By Michael Picarella Acorn Staff Writer Generations of U.S. military servicemen and women have fought and died for the American flag. Old Glory, a symbol of freedom, is held in high regard by many veterans and other citizens alike. Grade school students still say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning as a […]

District wants more federal money to fund special ed

Acorn Staff Writer

President George W. Bush said early in office that he would "leave no child behind" when it comes to education funding, but despite the promising tone, local schools claim to be lagging desperately in one area the federal government is obliged to help: special education. The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), the government’s 1975 milestone legislation that began special education […]

Updated Thursdays at 8pm . . . .

Updated Thursdays at 8pm . . . .

Agoura Hills planning director resigns

Agoura Hills Planning Director Dave Anderson said he’s resigned his post to pursue interests in the private sector. Anderson, 48, came aboard as planning director in 1989 after serving two years as supervising planner for the city of Oxnard. He served as Agoura Hills’ interim city manager in 1995. "At this particular point, I’m trying to jump into the consulting […]

Bill would force new homes, penalties

Acorn Staff Writer

A California legislative bill is currently in committee stage and if passed might pose a threat to local governments. State Sen. Joseph Dunn (D-Garden Grove) wrote Senate Bill 910 to guide the future growth of communities in California. Cities and counties must revise their housing elements every five years. Before each revision, the regional council of government (COG), in participation […]

Road repairs set for August

L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky has announced plans for a project to slurry seal various county roads in vicinities of Calabasas, Agoura Hills and Malibu. Slurry seal is a mixture of asphalt and sand applied over existing pavement to seal minor cracks and extend the life of the roadway. L.A. County Department of Public Works officials will unseal bids on […]

Local congressmen unite in effort to preserve more land

U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Woodland Hills) recently appeared before the House Resource Subcommittee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands, advocating for a bill to adjust the boundaries of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA). The bill has the bipartisan support of Sherman and U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Oxnard), whose respective districts traverse the proposed wilderness expansion. The […]

Opponents of Selleck project will meet on May 15

Opponents of Selleck project will meet on May 15 Citizens for Responsible Growth will host a meeting at 7 p.m. on Tues., May 15 in Building G at Agoura High School. The groups is rallying community support to "Stop Big Box Retailers." The character of the Agoura/Agoura Hills community is at risk, according to the organization. It’s seeking help from […]