Run out of beverages? Abundant grace at a wedding party

Roots of Faith

Everyone loves a party— including Jesus. In John’s Gospel, the first miracle took place at a wedding— not where one might expect the Son of God to launch his public ministry. But Jesus was always doing the unexpected. The wedding took place “on the third day” (John 2:1) after Jesus began calling his disciples (John 1:43). You might recall that […]

Got a peaceful, easy feeling—at last

Hot Flashes

“Be careful. They have sharp things in this place.” That was the warning leveled by Mr. Fixit as I prowled the hospital floor for answers. Apparently, he was worried that I’d do my Cruella de Vil imitation, inciting the nurses to torture him with pointy things. I reminded him I only unleash Cruella on special occasions, like when our baggage […]

Caffeine-fueled residents put on the boxing gloves


One good thing about our local city governments: They require developers to place “story poles” in the ground that show the size and scope of proposed developments so passersby—presumably concerned neighbors—can envision and discuss what’s being planned. Story poles are good in theory. People can see where a building is being proposed and how big it will be. But the […]


What about own police force?

Calabasas and Agoura Hills are not the only contract cities concerned about Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s rehiring dismissed deputies. However, there is an alternative that does not involve the cities forming their own police departments. Cities can contract with other law enforcement agencies— not only the local sheriff— for police services. Several years ago, a city on the central coast contracted […]

Still upset about Milt Olin’s death

Your May 23 article says Dep. Andrew Wood was typing on his on-board police computer when he veered off the road, hit and killed cyclist Milt Olin in Calabasas in 2013. The article goes on to say Dep. Wood “never faced charges.” How can this be? If I am seen as much as holding something that looks like a cellphone […]

Says Calabasas fails in oversight

City of Calabasas department heads must be fully engaged in their job and properly compensated under the supervision of the city manager and the City Council. Obviously, this did not happen in the case of Deborah Steller, as pointed out in The Acorn. She stated she billed for 20 hours worked and took the other 20 in sick and vacation […]

Goal is a poisonfree community

Poison Free Agoura is a team of dedicated Agoura Hills residents who are passionate about people, pets and urban wildlife. Our vision is to live in a city where children, domestic pets, and urban wildlife are safe from the danger of rodent poisons. Our mission is to provide education to members of our community and help them identify safe alternatives […]

Speeding comes with a price

All is not well in the United States. Yet kindness is the light that shines through the fog of ugliness and turbulence. We witnessed it a few days ago after a car racing down Rainbow Crest by Reyes Adobe Park killed a mama mallard, making her half dozen ducklings instant orphans. The brainless, irresponsible motorist sped on. When we came […]

The end of retail as we know it?

I am attending Moorpark College and I want to talk to you about some microeconomic issues that have been popping up. I have noticed that there are so many stores in The Oaks and Janss malls that have been closing down. It makes me wonder what will happen to those locations if too many of the stores close down. At […]

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