Super Rams are hit in the local community

We hate to tell you which team to root for come Sunday, but let us at least make the case for why we think local residents—sports fans or not—ought to be pulling for the Los Angeles Rams. For starters, a Super Bowl victory would go a long way toward convincing the franchise that staying in the L.A./Ventura county area long-term […]


Fan says: ‘Lets go Rams!’

A big shout out to the Conejo Valley Rams Club and its awesome founder, Rob Jaffe, who has been instrumental in fostering local support for our Super Bowl-bound Rams. Growing up, my father was a huge Dodgers and Rams fan. I bled blue too, but I didn’t catch on to football until my son played in the Agoura High band […]

Pot needs more scientific study

An irony of the current buzz and hype about CBD and cannabis products is that the proponents are often the very same people who are so outspoken about human activity and climate change. I admit, I am one of them. However, science is science. Science is apolitical. The rules of physics, chemistry, biology and statistics are identical for all subjects. […]

Let your loved one know how you feel

To express love in only a few words is no simple feat, for love is an everchanging rainbow of color and light that we all experience at different times and in countless ways. It’s not only those romantic moments shared with a partner, but it can be times of joy spent with family and friends. Love can be laughing with […]



Last week’s editorial stating that the City of Westlake Village is among the local cities that have opted to join the countywide Clean Power Alliance immediately was incorrect. Westlake Village residents will not become members of the electricity provider until 2020, based upon the date the city was admitted to the CPA.

‘Hidden gem’

As part of the article, “Secret stairs, a hidden gem,” I was quite amused by the caption of the photograph on page 13. It read, “Calorie burner–The stairs are always easier going down than up.” Thank you for that gem! Kathryn E. NottCalabasas

Clean it up

In response to the recent article about the Clean Power Alliance, I would like to also bring attention to Environment California’s efforts to reduce our plastic waste statewide. We should start by banning cups and take-out containers made of polystyrene, or what’s better known as Styrofoam. Our economy encourages us to make, use and dispose of consumer items as fast […]

Let’s take off the boxing gloves

I’ve read the letters to the editor in The Acorn for years about how leaders of either political party are destroying our country, bankrupting our country, etc. The intensity of opinion is evident. The support from facts is not. Opponents of those in power will have you believe that all the problems in the world are because of those in […]

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