Safe voting a priority

Regarding the Sept. 2 letters to the editor and one writer’s desire to have her vote count, I too concur that for a free and fair election, it does indeed mean “one person, one vote.” In spite of the report of rising theft of U.S. mail, there are provisions in place that ensure that our mail-in ballots are secure. If […]

People entitled to their opinions

The Acorn’s letter to the editor section, Aug. 26 edition, is to be congratulated for printing letters that obviously other letter writers do not want printed. They disagree with the politics or conclusions drawn by the writer, and refer to them as “blatant misinformation.” They should note that these letters are opinion, not necessarily facts. If facts are what you […]

Wildlife bridge courts danger

How many more warnings do we need that building a largely taxpayer-funded dirt bridge, designed and admitted by the National Park Service to lure mountain lions into our neighborhood, and which was never subjected to an environmental impact report, is a dangerous idea? Sadly, as I’m trying to get the images of a screaming, desperate mother chasing her punctured, helpless […]

False promise of tax cuts

Several candidates hoping to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election promise to cut state taxes. Their promises are false. Taxes are controlled by the Legislature, which is overwhelming Democrat. Indeed, none of the Republican candidates would have much success implementing their plans. Moreover, none of them could block laws passed by the Legislature, where the Democrats have veto- […]

‘Landslide’ on Sept. 14?

Still stinging from their political defeats and shadowing their collective responsibility for believing and spreading “the big lie” resulting in the insurrection on our U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, a California group has managed to qualify their grievances, you might have heard, with a huge victory: a recall effort. Running on empty, devoid of candidates that can articulate a clear […]


Latest incident a wake-up call for threatened species


In the American history book, run-ins between man and nature occupy many an ugly chapter. The country’s westward expansion saw the elimination of vast buffalo herds. Other animal species have been threatened by the nonstop growth of cities and towns. Our love for wild animals, yet constant encroachment upon their turf, is a theme repeated today with regards to mountain […]

Dog catcher appreciated

My little girl dog, Abby Rose, decided to indulge her desire for a new adventure last week by digging her way to freedom under the fence. Upon discovering this, I immediately jumped into my car and slowly canvased the entire neighborhood, along with Chaparral Park, one of her favorite places, all the time calling her. No luck. Eventually, I drove […]

Mayor violated his oath

Mayor Denis Weber claims he made “a mistake” by reaching out to “an upset business owner.” That is a pair of euphemisms that shows the mayor has no idea of what he has done. First, this “upset business owner” is a person who is operating a business without a valid city permit. He is a person who is putting the […]

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Rebecca Grossman, if you think your life is in shambles and you are scared and feeling insecure and helpless, think how the Iskander family must feel. Apparently with all your love and compassion for burn victims, you have none left for the family whose sons you murdered. Just because you are rich and have done nice things does not make […]

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