Grocery store theft unabated

Stop grocery theft. It has come to this. Our supermarkets need to have door monitors like Costco has. Stop everyone and check their receipts when they exit the market. I see people walking out with a few items in their arms, not in any tote bags. Do they have a receipt? Have an employee at each exit to check receipts. […]

Teacher sets fine example

I am writing in response to the article titled “College professor outstanding in the field,” published in your newspaper on Nov. 21. Immediately my attention was caught by the biology professor named Katherine Courtney, who decided to break barriers and cross the stream that once was a hiking trail. Her decision to lead her group of students onto this trail, […]

Gun law clarification

Nora Aidukas is mistaken about California gun laws. One cannot buy a gun at a show in California without a background check and a 10-day waiting period. I know this is a fact because I personally went to the gun show at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and was told I could not purchase a gun there and walk out with […]

Bond backlash

This letter is in direct response to the letter of Ms. Brusius, which unfairly and inappropriately attacks a school bond measure that is under consideration by the school board as an upcoming ballot measure. According to Ms. Brusius, the Las Virgenes district staff is paid too much and our kids are not deserving of quality facilities because there are lower-income […]

China threat

I just saw the movie “Midway.” So why should anyone care about some historical event that happened over 75 years ago? Fast-forward 75 years from the 20th century to the 21st century, and replace the name Japan with the name China. Japan yearned for economic domination in Asia and attacked and occupied parts of China, then wanted to expand their […]

First-class feast in an economy seat

Flying Squirrel

It’s the holiday season, which means many of us will be doing one of our least favorite things. No, I’m not talking about sitting down for dinner with our opinionated relatives. Hopefully seeing your family is the enjoyable part of the season. What we don’t like is traveling to our destination—specifically, flying. When I was growing up, air travel was […]

Out of the drought, but for how long?

Local residents don’t need a long memory to remember years past in which there was little or no rain. The Golden State lost its glow when general drought conditions lasted some 370 weeks—more than seven years—from December 2011 to January of this year. Though a wet winter last season finally pulled the state out of the drought, and strong water […]


Village plan ‘past its prime’

The Agoura Hills Village Plan is past its prime. A revisit and need to address the advancement of development in our city and surrounding areas has arrived. We need to face up to our responsibilities and the fact of the escalating climate crisis, its effect on our open space and increased requests for new development. Global heating, wildlife extinction and […]

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