Ease into new travel experiences

Flying Squirrel

The first time you try a new kind of vacation or visit a new destination, you should go all in and spend as much time and money as possible on that trip: true or false? Well, most people would say false. After all, until we know if we like something, it’s best not to commit all our time and money […]


A brave fern for all seasons

On the Trail

If I were a fern, I’d want to live in perpetually cool bathing mists. I’d treasure every glistening dewdrop that clung to my unfurling fronds. Fog would be my fabulous friend because its dampness would drip down and seep into the ground to nourish my roots. I’d hope to always grow directly beneath a sheltering leafy tree branch so the […]

Put Shapiro back in office

We are voting for David Shapiro. Calabasas is very fortunate to have David Shapiro running again for election, hoping to continue his service to our community for a second term. During his six years on our City Council, we have always found David to be a caring, approachable and admirable civic leader who is mindful to listen to all residents’ […]

Vote Bozajian for council

James Bozajian has truly been an exceptional leader who is highly respected by the community for his attention to what is important to Calabasas residents. Since becoming a City Council member back in 1997, James has been mayor of Calabasas a record five times. He has traditionally listened to his constituents to help guide him in his choices of how […]

Choose Weber in Agoura Hills

I am writing this letter to publicly praise my husband, Denis Weber, who is running for reelection in Agoura Hills. In his years on the council, Denis has always made a point to listen to all sides in every matter presented. Many times he is the “lone vote” for or against an issue, but even if the vote didn’t go […]

Anstead brings fresh approach

We attended a recent Chris Anstead event and came away mightily impressed with this candidate for the Agoura Hills City Council. No vagueness, no dissembling, no opaque slickness, none of the usual blah, blah, blah. Chris was insightful and incisive about his perception of Agoura Hills in 2018 and plans for the city going forward. His plans include: No to […]

Anstead plus Lopez for council

I think I speak for many of the residents when I thank Denis Weber and Harry Schwarz for their many years of service and commitment to the City of Agoura Hills. Under their watch during the past 20-plus years, our little city has grown in many ways. However, it is time for a change. We have an opportunity with the […]

Vote Lopez

Have you noticed the bridge Westlake built at Lindero Canyon? It has scenes of the lake and city’s name on it. Look at the new Calabasas bridge with soaring birds and the city’s name on it. Now view the bridge our City Council built at Reyes Adobe: ugly, out-of-date lighting, not even the city’s name on it. Have you driven […]

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