Utility responsibility

The California economy, larger than most of the world’s economies, continues the long-term trend of producing each dollar of GDP with less energy. Solar panels are installed on the roofs of many residences, businesses, schools, etc. Wind-powered generation farms stretch across many of the windy passes. PG&E’s response to the current trend of expanding the list of stakeholders beyond stockholders […]

Coping with tragedies

It’s fire season in California again, which means the anniversaries of the Thomas and Woolsey fires are here, as is the anniversary of the Borderline shooting. As with several other types of loss, anniversary dates for natural disasters can bring renewed symptoms of distress, especially for groups that may be marginalized or at higher risk. I think it is important […]

Reaching for new heights can make SAD sufferers feel glad

On the Trail

Around this time of year a condition nicknamed “SAD” often upends the well-being of sensitive souls. For some of us, myself included, seasonal affective disorder may be triggered by having to surrender the bountiful light and warmth of summer days. Each fall I fall prey to this blues-inducing syndrome. This year, I’ve discovered something that gives my spirits a boost, […]

Archangel Michael: God’s army general in the fight against evil

Roots of Faith

In the battle of good versus evil, God has angels who fight for him. In the third part in the series on angels, we examine Archangel Michael. Ancient peoples believed that each nation was protected by a unique guardian deity (Deuteronomy 32:8). Like humans, the gods and angels likewise battled among themselves. Wars fought in heaven affected life on Earth. […]

The local women who rule

The U.S. Congress voted 100 years ago to give women the right to vote, a key milestone in the history of the country that will someday, in the not-too-distant-future we hope, see a female president sitting in the White House. On the centennial of women’s suffrage— the 19th Amendment wasn’t ratified until 1920—it seems appropriate that next year, for the […]


One year later

I so appreciated The Acorn last week. You helped us remember the tragedies of a year ago, but with hope. The coverage was very well balanced between reporting the really sad reality of the 12 people lost, but not dwelling on it so much that it was too much to handle. It helped me to know who the 12 were. […]

Farewell, Helus

Capt. Don Aguilar’s heartfelt loving memory of a fellow deputy, Sgt. Ron Helus, has to be felt by all of us laypeople to know of the bravery these two officers displayed in running into the terrorized Borderline Bar. Unbearably sad for Helus to have died saving countless deaths of others and further injuries to the people inside that bar. What […]

Living in fear

Public safety should be the number one goal. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes it takes a back seat when it comes to money and development projects. Building a death trap, Agoura Village, is insane. The plans for the mega monster need drastic alterations as soon as possible. Blocking our escape route from raging fires is not a […]

Fires ‘man-made’

Time for you and colleagues to report on the cause of the fires, not the wind that exacerbates the conditions. We have over 90-degree heat from March through November. Why are fires occurring only when newscasters blast out red flag warnings? Are the crazies getting the signal to torch our open space due to these warnings? Fire only begins via […]

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