Re: gun editorial

I am just getting caught up on my Acorn reading and came across your editorial from September. Let me start by saying I am not in law enforcement and don’t have any family or close friends in law enforcement. I am also a big supporter of gun safety and disagree with the ease of gun acquisition by criminals and the […]

Public left in the dark about sinister shooter

Talk of a madman with a gun roaming near Malibu Creek State Park started just hours following the June 2018 shooting death of camper Tristan Beaudette. Most people dismissed the notion of a rogue killer on the loose as panicked paranoia, a story out of a bad Hollywood horror flick. But little by little—as more locals came forward with disturbing […]


Don’t sacrifice human safety for animal safety

Two of the top stories of 2018 seemed to have little to do with each other on the surface, but upon closer inspection they stand remarkably intertwined: talking about mountain lion preservation and wildfires. Efforts to carve out a safe sanctuary for the Santa Monica Mountain cougars—especially those in the Liberty Canyon region that attempt to cross the 101 Freeway […]


Powerful video

I just watched your Acorn video about Borderline and the fires of 2018, and I’m in tears. Thank you for doing it. It is heartbreaking to see all of the destruction and sadness that goes along with it all. So many of my Malibou Lake friends are dealing with the loss, and another whose husband died two weeks before the […]

Readers object to ‘build the wall’

This is a reply to Brian Goldenfeld’s “Build the wall” letter last week. You must be living in an alternative universe. Please change your TV channel and do your homework. When you say we elected an “American” president, what does that mean? Yes, we live in America and that is what we do, but it seems you are assuming that […]

Slow down, reduce stress amid nature’s light

On the Trail

The flashy spectacle of outdoor Christmas displays is pretty hard to beat. Each year the manufacturers of holiday decor seem to hit on one new innovation or another. This year I must admit to being quite enchanted by plump, rough-textured LED lights that perform a stunning rainbow-chameleon show, each bulb changing from violet to gold to scarlet to chartreuse to […]

New Year’s resolution calls for return to the wild

Christmas on a Tuesday gave hikers a perfect mid-week break and a chance to enjoy the beautiful Conejo/Las Virgenes outdoors before heading back to work. While many local trails officially remain closed due to the Woolsey fire—there are signs that say so—ardent hikers who refuse to be denied have returned to the local mountains seeking fresh air and exercise. It’s […]


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