From state of pure despair to PTSD healing

Veterans Connection

In a drunken stupor at the age of 18, I punched through a window. I have several scars on my arm from that incident almost 30 years ago. Part of the arm is still numb. Because some nerves were damaged it is a wound that never healed. But does it bother me in my day-to-day life? Not at all. I’m […]

These parents flunked badly

Practically from the day they are born, children are taught the meaning of honesty. It’s the pillar, the very foundation, of good parenting: Tell little Johnny never to lie, cheat or steal. When kids reach school age, they’re told to seek help from teachers and peers if they need it but to do their own work, turn in their own […]


Lights are out

If you’ve traveled the 101 at night from Calabasas north through the Conejo Valley or southbound from the opposite direction, you might have noticed it’s unusually dark. Nearly all of the freeway signs are no longer being lit at night. This is a hazard, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. You cannot see your upcoming exit. This has been […]

Need education on animal bridge

First, the much higher cost of the construction of the Liberty Canyon crossing is because it will be the only known crossing to span 10 lanes of freeway plus two lanes of access road. It also must meet earthquake standards. It is an engineering design unlike any other in existence. Conservation dollars, grants and private donations are the source of […]

Spring fling

Thank you very much for your wonderful recent article regarding fire follower flowers that often bloom in the spring after an area is devastated by wildfire. This is an unusual and unique phenomenon that I have been trying to tell people about and is the focus of a fabric artwork of mine, which is currently on exhibit at the Hillcrest […]

Wolves not in sheep’s clothing

The Department of the Interior has announced its intention to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List. When wolves were granted protection under the ESL, they numbered fewer than 300 in the contiguous U.S. and were careening toward extinction. Their population has increased to over 6,000 with protection. Despite these substantial gains, the job of wolf recovery is far from […]

Wildlife corridor

I wish to thank the Ventura County planning commission for approving the concept of a wildlife corridor around our major cities. They approved it 5 to 0. Way to go. Now, if the Board of Supervisors will also vote yes on Tues., March 12, our vanishing wildlife might have a chance of surviving “Lord Man” and his ever-increasing number of […]

Letter writer decries liberal leadership

When I when I went to school in So Cal, our school system was ranked second in the nation, and now I believe that we are ranked 48th. This is a result of our liberal leadership creating teachers who can’t be fired, and providing the only path to higher salaries through management. Eight years ago I was infected with a […]

Ventura County ordinance gives animals room to roam

GUEST OPInion /// Wildlife protection

His short life ended with a sickening thud on a Ventura County freeway. When the mountain lion kitten became roadkill two years ago, he made headlines for perishing just weeks after his mother was killed on the same part of Highway 118. Car collisions are a key reason why mountain lions are on the verge of extinction here in Southern […]

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