Students need more class time

Enough already. Oak Park High School students attend in-person school four days a week for the entire school day. Westlake students attend half days four days a week. Newbury Park students attend half days four days a week. Thousand Oaks students attend half days every day of the week. LVUSD? Our students attend in-person school roughly three to six hours […]

Not enough hours by LVUSD

I understand why the LVUSD administration and school board wanted to return our high school kids to school with caution. Even though the schedule was confusing and resulted in significantly decreased instruction time, I gave the administration the benefit of the doubt. However, I have now seen the proposed plan for mid-April and it’s shameful. While students all around us […]

Old-school is better, he says

Evidently Ms. Picciano is not well acquainted with the 1950s educational system curriculum as she professes. Otherwise she would know well that those who were educated in that era can, for example: Do math in their head and make change without a computer; Spell and punctuate and construct a complete sentence; Know the three branches of the U.S. government; Recite […]

Parks recall a waste of money, resources

Full disclosure: I am a proud supporter of Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, and I serve on the SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) board of directors with her. It seems to me that any effort to recall Linda is a poor use of governmental resources. She was properly elected by majority vote, and I see nothing resembling evidence […]

Stop the Linda Parks recall

I am astonished at the attitude of the people who want to recall our very effective supervisor, Linda Parks. Supervisor Parks has been reelected a number of times because of her concern and support of the needs of the community she represents. Petitions are circulating to put a recall on the November 2021 ballot. During this difficult year of challenges […]

Article no April Fools’ Day joke

You may have read the article in the April 1 edition of The Acorn, “West Village project returns.” Unfortunately, this was not an April Fools’ joke. This is dead serious. Over 2-million cubic yards— yes, over 2 million—are slated to be removed. The spread of Valley fever, a potentially serious illness caused by a fungus that lives in the soil […]

Opposes the West Village plan

The next time that you drive through the intersection of Las Virgenes and Agoura roads, take a good look at the now-greening hills to the east. Beautiful, aren’t they? Then, as traffic permits, take a closer look at the story poles that have been there forever, or so it seems, and visualize how that same scene would look if the […]

Calabasas plan a ‘paradise lost’

On this beautiful Easter morning, I was southbound on Agoura Road, approaching the Las Virgenes intersection. I was enjoying the amazing view of spring unfolding in the beautiful canyon before me: verdant greens, full of living species and rising hills. As I stopped at the signal before turning left, I was engulfed by an overwhelming sadness and grief as I […]

Development at risk during fire

The story poles looming over the Las Virgenes/Agoura roads intersection in Calabasas are in the news again. Although story poles are meant to show stakeholders and the general public the size and scope of a pending development, the poles I refer to do no such thing. Those story poles do not show the outline of 15, three-story buildings crammed into […]

Not Chinese, but Americans

On Dec. 16, 2019, two scientists working in Wu Han, China, returned to Washington state with the first COVID-19 infections. Dec. 21 and Dec. 25, two epidemiologists warned of a pandemic, which was ignored. In February, Trump announced the threat of an epidemic, a hoax. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans were returning from China and students were returning from studying in […]

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