Capitol riot post mortem

I can’t believe that Republicans still believe that Trump is a great leader, after this attack on the Capitol building and all the threats to the senators inside, whether Republican or Democrat. Four people dead, police injured, all because Trump won’t admit he lost. He even incited his white supremacist supporters to violence and then, for over an hour, wouldn’t […]

People who ignore park rules

In reference to Stan Garber’s letter, “Forest Cove used as a dog park,” Jan. 7, I, too, find it baffling that some people in Old Agoura Park near Colodny and Chesebro cannot follow simple park rules. It clearly states, on the fencing around the ball field, “Please keep out during annual maintenance.” Yet, during my daily walks, I consistently see […]

Political Cartoon

2021 . . . and it’s the law


The new year brings new laws and, as expected, some of the legislation out of Sacramento addresses workers’ rights during the pandemic. Under the Family Rights Act, businesses with five or more employees must give workers at least 12 weeks of leave to care for themselves or a family member due to an illness such as COVID-19. Starting Jan. 1 […]

COVID-19 not ‘just the flu’

Suzanna Luetscher’s letter last week downplays the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic (Dec. 31) by calling it the “COVID flu.” This ignores the fact that COVID-19 is far more deadly than influenza. In 2020, the number of Californians dying of COVID-19 equaled the combined sum of annual deaths from influenza, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver disease. In Ventura County, […]

Virus versus influenza

I think it is time to revisit the editorial standards of The Acorn. In the Dec. 31 issue, you chose to print a letter suggesting falsely that it’s “now proven the COVID flu is just that, the flu.” Why did you choose to publish a letter that had such a false statement in it? A coronavirus is not an influenza […]

Too unsafe to send kids back

Conejo madness, record COVID cases, no ICU beds, hospitals jammed and the Conejo school district wants to put teachers and students back in the classroom. Only a fool would believe that hundreds of teens are going to adhere to the rules. If the classrooms are so safe, let the district leaders teach the classes. Where is the teachers union? Why […]

‘Not designed for isolation’

It is easy to cast stones when you sit comfortably at home in a white-collar job, having made a relatively painless transition to online work, and point fingers at those who depend on in-person services and are protesting the lockdowns. It may be satisfying to drive by demonstrations and record all possible offenses. But how does the world look from […]

Says schools did not figure it out

I was a bit shocked to see the photograph accompanying the article “Parents, schools figure out a way” on the front page of The Acorn Dec. 31 edition. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the teacher or nurse (I assume) is using the touchless thermometer incorrectly and actually putting students at risk by making contact with the little girl’s forehead […]

COVID-19 and the Constitution

So, here we are in 2021 and a significant segment of our electorate appear to believe that “a public option for healthcare” will automatically turn the USA into Venezuela, but these same folks also believe that overthrowing the government and overturning a democratic election in order to install the loser is perfectly consistent with the constitution and, in fact, is […]

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