Army Corps’ dam plan is flawed

Your report on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ $279 million planned removal of the 1920s Rindge Dam has as its raison d’être restoring Malibu Creek to a more natural state and helping to protect steelhead trout. Apparently the dam has also blocked migratory opportunities for the fish and other aquatic species. I have often driven that portion of Malibu […]

How to learn from history

To the Brown University students who feel “harmed” by “white, Western civilization” and by the statues of the two Roman emperors Augustus and Aurelius specifically, I would like to make a suggestion: In the next term paper avoid any word that is derived from Latin, avoid any legal concept that originated in the Roman Republic and avoid spelling out in […]

‘Poop bombs’ hit community

I know this is has been hashed over before. The solution is so simple. First it was tip-toeing through the poop-lips (apologies to Tiny Tim) as you entered our trailheads on both Doubletree and Smoketree. Many of us actually use these trails for hiking, running and biking. It’s disgusting to see—or worse, step in—a mass of dog poop as you […]

Reader offers a way to help

We are glad The Acorn is alive to provide community readers with useful and engaging information. Thank you to all that make that happen. Too many local papers have had to shut down due to changes by the pandemic and economy. I would love to see even more local emphasis. Next time The Acorn has a gift guide, it would […]

Bobcats victims of poison, too

On Dec. 5, a neighbor came across a dead bobcat in the parkland that borders our wonderful city of Agoura Hills. Unfortunately, it was not suitable for testing so that rat poisoning could not be definitively determined. However, the bobcat appeared to have mange, a condition that is common in bobcats after ingesting rat poisons. In the last six months, […]

Opposing views can spark confrontation or spur conversation

Other Side of 50

I’ve never enjoyed confrontation. I’m happiest when everyone is getting along and working toward a shared goal. And believe me, that happens a lot—although it’s hard to discern that if you scan the media these days. So many topics are polarizing. It’s hard to have a conversation without something coming up that causes angst. I try my best to search […]


Here’s food for thought—be safe


“Life isn’t fair.” . . . is a statement by parents from the day we are born, and its meaning is undeniable. During the past nine months, the pandemic has cut through society with a painfully prejudicial sword, one that has left some businesses unscathed, but others deeply scarred. The worst of it has been felt by the so-called non-essential […]

Please take out, don’t dine in

I applaud Westlake Village for lower COVID stats, but I’ve never been a fan of outdoor dining when cases are rising. I suspect outdoor dining is not a super spreader event like parties, bars, funerals and church services where people congregate closely indoors without masks. But just because Ventura (County) allows it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Anywhere you are sitting […]

Truly understand the pandemic

The Acorn recently decided to stop publishing the toxic letters it received about the presidential election, but it seems some of the rancor has simply spilled over to the COVID debate. Is it really too much to ask for the debate to adapt at least a modicum of civility? And perhaps even align on a basic set of facts? For […]

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