Come together, ‘make it stop’

I just returned home from running a few errands around my neighborhood of Agoura Hills. I left the new LA Fitness on Agoura Road and approached Kanan to get in the left-turn lane. I waited. And waited. And watched. Car after car after car. Backed up and blocked. On a Friday. At 2 p.m. In the summer. I cannot imagine […]

Shabby chic

Hot Flashes

In a world of chic, I’m definitely only shabby. In ruffles and rusted buckets, have you noticed the epidemic of shabby chic? Even our burger joints are getting in on the look. The style has invaded the couch domain, splashed flowers on duvets, made a stinky bathroom into a garden party and put out welcome mats promising you’ll enter a […]

Planned giving makes an impact

Other Side of 50

When most people hear the words “planned giving,” their eyes glaze over. In the over-50 population, there’s a general lack of awareness and understanding about the concept. This is too bad, because with the collective wealth of baby boomers, their planned gifts can have significant social impact. Planned giving is the process of making a sizable charitable gift either during […]

Cool breeze under cottonwood trees

On the Trail

As summer finally gets real about its true intent—withering heat after a dank gray spring— we are suddenly tasked with locating an immediate place to cool down to avoid meltdown. The recent arrival of climbing temps has the perspiring masses beseeching the weather gods for relief. I’m among the beseechers, only weeks after grousing mightily about the protracted June gloom […]

Seeking physical, spiritual bread in our daily prayer life

Roots of Faith

In the third part of our series on the Lord’s Prayer, we start with the petition “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” What is God’s will? The prophet Micah says, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your god” (Micah 6:8b NIV). When […]

So whose fault is it when your stuff gets stolen?

The sheriff’s department calls them crimes of opportunity, and for good reason. If a thief spots an easy target, you can bet they will pounce. We know from regular reports that women shoppers who leave their purses unattended are a favorite mark for local thieves. A purse left on a shopping cart can easily be rifled through or stolen altogether. […]


‘Those’ people

I was floored by comments opposing low-income housing in Calabasas because having “such neighbors” would lead to increased crime rates. Where have I heard this before? The real problem is that Calabasas has open borders allowing “those people” in. What we need is to build a wall around Calabasas. This won’t cost anything because the City of Los Angeles will […]

Out of control

I am writing in response to recent letters published in regard to the homeless problem. I have been watching this problem grow out of control in some cities over the last three years. These are not people who just lost their jobs and can’t afford rent. These are mostly people with very serious drug and mental problems. We need to […]

An exaggeration

It is the height of hyperbole and dishonesty to call suggestions for housing the homeless in homeless camps as “concentration camps.” As one whose family experienced the horror and death of European concentration camps, where people were either forced into slave labor or marked for death, Grayson Peters’ letter is a falsehood that only diminishes the horror while attempting advocacy […]

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