Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Rebecca Grossman, if you think your life is in shambles and you are scared and feeling insecure and helpless, think how the Iskander family must feel. Apparently with all your love and compassion for burn victims, you have none left for the family whose sons you murdered. Just because you are rich and have done nice things does not make […]

No proof about mask claim

I read the letter from Pam Stringer and was appalled by her misinformation about masks and vaccines. Evidently her sources for this insanity is Q or Fox News or probably both. Her statement about masks not protecting us from COVID is not on the CDC website as she claims. She claims thousands of deaths, etc. from the shots; may I […]

Observations about COVID-19

As for the efficacy of N95 masks, they do spec to filter 95% of particles larger than .3 microns. A word of caution though. The marketplace has been flooded with counterfeit N95 masks, so if you need to wear a N95 mask, make sure it is NIOSH approved. KN95 masks from China are not NIOSH certified. As for vaccine side […]

‘Vile’ reference to aliens

I am responding to an editorial letter of Aug. 26, “Vaccines and illegal aliens?” This has be one of the most vile letters I have ever read. As an American, I personally do not care what percentage of the COVID cases are illegal aliens. What I do care about is that Americans get vaccinated in larger numbers, business gets back […]

Mail box theft and elections

In the Aug. 26 Acorn, an article by Ian Bradley titled “Sheriff: Mail theft prevalent” reported on the rising theft of U.S. mail. The irony here is that in the same Acorn, the Secretary of State placed a full-page ad about mail-in ballot safety. The mail theft reported in The Acorn article is more sophisticated than just someone casually opening […]

Elder abuse and the recall

It’s very sad that the No. 1 candidate for removing Gov. Gavin Newsom is Larry Elder, with all his negative comments about women being mentally and physically inferior, and now his latest—he thinks that there shouldn’t be a minimum wage, I can just imagine the joy from the Walmart family. They had undocumented workers cleaning their stores after hours for […]

Long-range strategies better than bribes

Ask Ms. Bonnie

Question: Ms. Bonnie, I’ve fallen into a bad habit of using rewards and bribes for my 4-year-old son, and when they don’t work, I find myself becoming controlling, frustrated and even giving up. I need help. This question addresses the core of relationship-building in parenting. In a nutshell, there is a better way because, as you’ve experienced, bribes and rewards […]

Funding program for long-term care

Other Side of 50

The Conejo Senior Resource Network, a subgroup of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, convenes monthly to learn about new and established senior solutions. At a recent meeting, I learned about Washington state’s new Long-Term Care Trust Act, which takes effect at the start of 2022. The law establishes a half-percent payroll tax to help fund long-term care for […]

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