Keep trees intact

I want to draw attention to the future of our area oak trees. I was saddened having seen the devastation from the fires to Chesebro Canyon and Paramount Ranch. But, wonderfully, the grasses and flowers have revitalized and are plentiful and beautiful. Most oak trees that are black and look dead have started the miracle of regrowth. I hope that […]

Thoughts about college scandal

University admissions offices are far from exclusively devoted to judging academic merit. They have quotas for various applicant categories—or more likely upper and lower bounds for each category. These consist, typically, of children of alumni and donors, minority applicants in various subcategories, athletes, students from underrepresented states or from deprived backgrounds and so on. Beyond those categories, admissions offices have […]

Are values and respect still valued?

Family Man

I have a day job in retail, which means that no matter how much abuse I take from customers, I must remain professional and nice. Customers don’t have that obligation. Have values, respect and accountability gone out the window? I don’t see it when a guy with a raised F-150 and the obvious inability to wait for an open parking […]

Deputy honors

Congratulations to Lt. Jennifer Seeto for earning the Woman of the Year Award for the 27th Senate District. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently. Seeing a woman dressed in a sheriff’s deputy uniform at a school site aroused my concern, and I immediately engaged her in conversation. I found her approachable, professional and intelligent. She took the time […]

Understanding California’s money woes

Our state pension administrators have been assuming earnings of 7.5 to 8 percent and at that rate the unfunded deficit was projected to be $450 billion. If you were to lower the projected rate to 4 percent, then the deficit increases to $1 trillion. If you assume actual rates of 2.5 percent or less, then you are north of $1.5 […]

Time to tone it down

Here’s my giant “hip-hip” to Ryan Steers for his recent letter “Stop the ranting.” This so needed to be said regarding personally charged and divisive op-eds from our community members. To his point, I also ask that when facts are easily verifiable, The Acorn do its due diligence and research, as you do for your own editorials, and only publish […]

It’s complicated

The intersection of Kanan Road and Thousand Oaks Boulevard is a mess. I come down Kanan from Oak Park and I probably hit a red light at Thousand Oaks Boulevard 90 percent of the time. If I am going east on Thousand Oaks Boulevard to Kanan, I probably hit a red light 90 percent of the time. Now to Hillrise. […]

Electricity issue

My husband and I followed all the proper procedures to legally opt out of having the Clean Power Alliance supply our power because of the cost. Imagine our outrage when we noticed on our most recent Edison bill a $68 surcharge for CPA. Apparently we are not the only residents who had this happen to them. A call to Edison […]

What are you teaching your family and community about getting old?

Other Side of 50

Aging is something we learn from family, our community and our culture. Sam, I’ll call him, is what can only be described as an 87-yearold curmudgeon. As a widower suffering from congestive heart failure, mostly homebound due to his fatigue and need for oxygen, he is bitter about his lot in life. Sam’s son and daughter bear his wrath as […]

Portable magic

Hot Flashes

Books are uniquely portable magic.—Stephen King “It doesn’t matter,” Mom reminded us. “Just read.” Everyone, yes, everyone— even the family dachshund who demolished a few comic books and gave free vasectomies to the plumber—devoured books in our tribe. I can still see Mom slathered up with neon skin cream at night in bed, glasses sliding down her ski-jump nose and […]

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