Birds of a feather flock together

The wild green parrots that populate Agoura Hills seem to be multiplying and are really becoming a nuisance. They are a non-native invasive species that compete with natural wild birds for resources. They are noisy, and their populations are growing because they have no known predators here. Has anyone been successful at catching them? Can animal control do this? I […]

Worried about the busy coyotes

Why are we standing by and watching our family pets become coyote prey? Why aren’t the authorities in Woodland Hills and throughout the San Fernando Valley doing anything about this? There are simply too many coyotes in our region at this time. I lost one dog two months ago, and another was recently attacked. If cows or sheep were being […]

Perspective on new space race

I was born in the tropics, so it was customary to observe the capsules in space smoothly float across the sky every 90 minutes. I dreamed of one day being on board. My interest was further enhanced by my access to air force bases, where I would take advantage of every opportunity to sit up in the cockpit of jets, […]

‘Equity’ teaching disguised as CRT

A July 15 special Acorn report on critical race theory contends that the Las Virgenes Unified School District “has adopted a policy of inclusivity and diversity awareness,” but that “(critical race theory) does not play a role in (the district’s) educational mission.” However, LVUSD board policy 0415 on equity, adopted Oct. 20, 2020, states that “the district shall proactively identify […]

Not in favor of natural gas ban

A few more facts about electric stoves: The idea of passing a law to restrict only electric stoves for new construction is totally half-baked. Electricity happens to be generated by natural gas and fossil fuels by fueling boilers and turbines. As a matter of fact, 60.3% of all electricity generated in the U.S. was generated by fossil fuels. Of the […]

Eatery didn’t play by the rules

Well, apparently the owners of Cronies do not like the consequences brought on by their actions of the last 1½ years. They chose to defy the recommendations of public health officials and medical professionals by remaining open during the pandemic and now are “crying” to the Agoura Hills City Council when action is taken against them. Most of the vociferous, […]

New mask order has to go

It’s more than just wearing a mask inside again, L.A. County Health. It’s a broadside interruption of the resumption of handshakes and hugs. All the suspect glances had vanished. The distance bridged. We felt comfortable with each other again, friends, family and strangers. The masked were no longer mocked, and the maskless no longer scowled at. The DTLA streets were […]

Debate over ‘white privilege’

This is in response to the July 15 letter “White privilege” by Brian Goldenfeld. There is white privilege, but many of us are in a white bubble and don’t see it. If you never saw the difference and thought that all the Blacks want is what we have, you are wrong. I am white and not until I took a […]

Can’t deny Gascon mandate

Last week the Agoura Hills City Council had on its agenda a resolution to vote “no confidence” in Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. I spoke in opposition to that item. District Attorney Gascon was elected in November 2020 with 2-million votes, 53.5% of the total vote. He ran on a campaign to change the system that often incarcerates […]

Keep an eye on housing laws

In the next month the California State Assembly is scheduled to vote on two bills, SB 9 and SB 10, both of which, if passed, will forever change our neighborhoods as we know them now. SB 9 would allow lots zoned for single-family use to be split into two lots with each lot having two residential units built on it. […]

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